1st Pregnancy

Oh the excitement of finally seeing 2 lines!

Okay, the exact emotions wasnt exactly excited, but more like, “for real?”

Went through much to get to where I was, been following up with KK for my irregular menses for at least 5 years. Even did the basal temperature charting,

After seeing the chart, doctor mentioned that ovulation isnt happening regularly thats why the temperature hitting low the regular way. Even started at infertility clinic.

It was around my sibling’s birthday when I remembered that according to the app, my menses should have arrived. It was also within that (more than a) few days that I’ve been experiencing (slight) insomnia – like unable to fall asleep when I was actually tired after a day, and prolonged breast pain. I was like, its nonsense, even if its PMS, the breast pain shouldnt have been that long.

So I went to check my charts, okay, these are signs of excessive progesterone.
Okay, progesterone are hormones that encourages pregnancy. Oh could it be?

I went and pull out my stash of pregnancy kits from China, those $1+ per kit kind, and test, and test, and test, and test…

Husband didnt engage at first, he said 3 and 4 was very vague. (Of course la! I was finishing my 1.5litre of water between 2 and 3, will be diluted one ma.) Okay fine.

I was schedule for my regular blood test at the polyclinic the following week, so I call (quite persistently) to arrange for pregnancy test. Just want to do it before the consultation with the doctor.
Heavens has it that my pee was too diluted (yup, too much water again). 😀 came back ‘indeterminate’

Of course during the consultation, the doctor ordered it again and it came back POSITIVE!!! 😀 MUAHAHAHAHA! Good enough for the husband. 😀

Perhaps this is why people say to only reveal after the 1st Trimester. :/

5Feb22 – Menses Day 1
10Mar22 – Uncomfortable Breast sensation
12Mar22 – Sexy Time (2Mar, 4Mar)
16Mar22 – Peak of Potential Ovulation days
24Mar22 – 1st Positive Pregnancy test kit
28Mar22 – Reddish Mucus (Spotting here and there thereafter)
31Mar22 – Vertigo starts
4Apr22 – Pregnancy confirmation at Polyclinic
11Apr22 – KK visit (2:20pm ish ultrasound) Light bleeding post-3pm, 1st Beta-hcG test
12Apr22 – Bleeding, filled 3/4 of panty liner, felt clot exiting, felt like MensesDay2
13Apr22 – 2nd Beta-hcG test which then led to
14Apr22 – Ectopic Pregnancy + Unilateral Salpingectomy surgery
15Apr22 – Good Friday, The Lord has given and taken away.

Thanks for coming by

Be Blessed

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