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Updated the post 🙂

As expected, tons of photos tts gonna take time to load, so I put it up as a page, click on the tab above~ or click here

Its Boxing day and I’m at Orchard shooting lights. 😀

Was telling myself, went overseas to take photos, but our own local *famous* Orchard Road Christmas lights didnt take…

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Marilyn (iPhone)

3rd Time: (14th Apr 2010)

and Marilyn is dead again.

Was on the bus, normal reception.

Was on Safari loading, taking very long, so i exit from it.
Went to Echofon app, loading tweets, very long, sian, exit from it.
Went to Twittericffic app, 1st screen that shows the blue bird. taking its time to load as well. sian, dont wanna wait, exit from app.
Keep phone into handbag.

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Just before I go off for my malacca trip, shall put up a post. It is going to be a long long 3 night, 4 day 😀

I got my Nikon D3000! 😀 at 850 when its advertised for 988 😀 I am so blessed~
2 carrier bags, one smaller sized tts good for storage of my camera (lens n body individually) and another thats just dump in the whole thing horizontally at 36 (from pasar malam) when the dealer offered me another 1 carrier at 35 at the shop.

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