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Fishing for fees

Felt as though im being scammed………. (of international incoming call charges if any).

I was on the train checking my email. then saw an advert on immigration to australia.

I keyed in some contact info.

I got home and started on my meal and a phone call from australia came in. I picked it up, I asked when was the submission, cos I did enquire on such stuff some time ago.

Answered some qns and the CSO asked If Im working, I said no Im not. then he voiced louder saying how can I pay for the fees if im not working. Im like …. what…. im not working now doesnt mean I dont have cash to pay.

He asked if im single, (thats for him to pitch for Single or married w family for immigration arrangement thing).

He was a little abrasive as I wasnt clear if I was married. (If theres a proposal already, does that mean Im married?) Then asked when i last work, how much was my last pay and then oh turns out im eligible to apply. (At that point, I was very upset. Im not working now means I cannot pay? wah, u look me no up siA)

Then went on to advise me on the fee, then said the fee is for registration, lawyer consultation some governmental fee, that they provide the service of finding a job for me too. (Finding a job for me…. I was like… red alert, so many indians and bangadesh and foreign workers kanna scammed into paying to find a job in SG, that was all crap, pay up even before finding me a job. Who knows what kind of company and jobscope, and to pay before that). I said according to my understanding, I cant find a teaching job if I dont have a degree. He said, thats work permit, we are talking about immigration.

and Im like, do you have an email or a website that I can read up on, then he didnt want to give me the address, he said one of the things that email cant do is to answer a question, that government bodies dont work like that, dont work with email. If I have any qns I can ask him now.

Im like, okay, hes not giving me a website, hes not giving me an email. he is asking 750USD in advance, he says I could get a job even without a degree. – These are all red flags.


I said, oh I think I will not be able to proceed until my bf finds a job in Australia and I know the location.

I see, thank you for your interest then, bye. And he immediately puts the phone down on me. ???????

Erm… you say its application for immigration, my hesitation was because of a job thing, and you are so ready to end the conversation????????

I went to check the website I click through.

Australia Immigration Professionals Immigration Online Application Services is a private entity and is not a governmental
agency and is owned and operated by The Australia Immigration Professionals web-site is owned and
operated by Australia Immigration Services Limited © Copyright 2018 All rights reserved.

seems its more like a commercial company fishing to earn such fees.


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2nd Scammer

They dont stop coming do they? Am thankful that this post has been going around and helping people.

This 2nd one I met.
On the site, he indicated UAE. So I asked him what’s he doing there, he said he’s developing a project. I asked him where he’s from, he said Woodlands (in SG)
I asked about some of the places in the proximity, unable to answer well.
Said flying back end of the month. He said he looks forward to meet me.

I asked for photos of his development he said it’s in his laptop in HK. I didn’t pursue.
But that’s dumb. You are at your site, confirm u wld have taken photos of your “project” unless you are not proud of it or it’s a lie.

So comes end of the month, he flew HK. I questioned, didnt he say he was eager to meet me? He said he told me he’s going back SG bcos he wanted us to meet.

So I asked him what was his company’s edge to have won the project. He couldn’t respond well. He said he is the boss, he presented well, they liked it. So, he got the job. (BULL CRAP)

So I asked for his SG number, he couldn’t provide. I ask him to blur out his ic number n send me a photo of his pink ic. Couldn’t provide.

Ignore him for a while. Then he messaged to say he couldn’t text me for a while bcos his mom died, he was sad and busy.

I responded saying even mother he also bring in.

Then after that, he responded saying “oh thank you for my kind words.” Hai… Dunno how many girls he is scamming at the moment. :(



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HK Police’s respond on the scam

So I followed up with the necessary on the love scammed situation, got this from the HK police.


Though it’s kinda expected (yar, not surprising abt the fake identity bank account registration), it’s still painful to face it.

Spread the word!!!! Get rid of those irritants!!

Oh, n someone asked abt the LINE Account thing:

Scammer Lippo v1 Scammer Lippo v1b

Scammer Lippo v2a Scammer Lippo v2b
The one in black suit is the current one that he is using. Confirm is targeting those 35 and above.

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What to do next?

So, after this post was published, much girls contacted me, Just thought its a good idea to share some of the more active after actions or what I responded to one of the girls.

Thank God you didn’t transfer any funds to him at all. Please do not do that. I believe that he can do nothing about your account number. If I’m not wrong, unless you’ve provided authorization to the bank, the bank is not authorised to release any funds from your account.
1. I suggest you change a bank account number if its within your ability.
2. Inform bank via phone call or a visit to tell them that you did not authorise and should not under any circumstances allow any movement with the next few month (except pre-arranged giro arrangement).

The truth of the matter is, this photo you have, Is definitely not the real guy you are dealing with. They basically screengrab from other guys (even reverse search on google does not show up). One of them even had the opportunity to chat with guys that supposedly worked in the same company, his hoaxed was even able to supply photos of wedding ceremonies that he supposedly attended. They probably went around an collected an archive of life-style photos.
I’ve been in active conversation with plenty of us, being-scammed-ladies to know this. Even the Hong Kong police indicated “Do not send me anymore photos!!” in his email.

(She asked for my hoax’s account number)
They have plenty of account numbers to go around.
I personally transferred to 2 accounts, both were from different HSBC account. Was pending to transfer to the 3rd account when I got my verification from Lippo Securities and decided to called him out bluff. (when I asked him whose account those were, he said its the finance department that arranged it, he isn’t sure).
There was another lady, transferred to 4 different accounts, 3 from HSBC and 1 from another China bank.
There was a single mom (yes, even single mom, they would scam) its another China account too.
So it doesn’t matter the name of account holder or account number.

To help you verify, you may email the company he says he is representing to verify his identity, to find out if he works for that company. That was what I did. (I know it feels as though its distrust, but no. its protecting yourself. You owe it to yourself to figure out)

As you have noticed from my blog, my policy looked really legitimate too. Unfortuantely, it is not. Lippo securities cleanly deny any relationship with my scammer.

I was supposed to fly to Hong Kong to meet him. He managed to postpone and not meet me saying its part of the contract obligation.

The other lady, he was suppose to fly in to SG to meet her, she went to airport to pick him on the actual day, waited for 3 hours, no show. His “colleague” later contacted her to say he was held back by immigration.

The lady with the 4 account numbers, the 4-times transfer were for: 1. Initial investment. 2. Tax payable 3. Stamp and duty fee 4. Overseas outflow fee. – Just sharing how they will cheat you.

So please don’t send him any money. Cease contact is the best option.

I thought I should carry on chatting with him to stall time for the police and get more live information. It took longer than expected time for the police to respond. Its pointless and it is just conditioning our heart to not trust man (worthy man, included).

Again, please don’t send him any money. Cease contact is the best option.

I hope its not too late for you, that you havent already transferred money to the scammer.
There are a few channels for you to report to should you be a victim.
1. Your local (specific to country) police.
2. The country your supposedly scammed policy/investment company is from. – IF its from Hong Kong like in my case, (1) Hong Kong Police and the (2) Securities Future Commission.
3. Your local bank (or the bank you’ve transferred money from)
4. The receiving bank (or the bank you’ve transferred money to)

Do not suffer in silence. Lodge a report. Do something about it. Its important to have paperwork, Leave a trail. In a way, that helps you should there be chances that you could get your money back (although its really low chances since its voluntary transfer). 🙁


As I said on a facebook post, “Whats wrong with the world? One human being scamming another human being.”…

We are all born with different deck of cards. Its what we do with it that matters.


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Be Bless,

P/S: Its really disgusting when I see my scammer’s Line account profile photo changing from one to another. Its like using that same number, changing 3 different identities, I wonder scamming how many girls.

PP/S: Its pretty disgusting too, when scammer use a similar userid on 2 separate occasions to message me. Its either they think I’m really dumb, or they are just out to remind me of how dumb I was.

Peace out.

Human Rights

Happy 49th Birthday SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Was just walking passed the TV when I heard about Human Rights violation in Gaza and the various happenings.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I’m in Singapore, that I am brought up in a society as such, that there are so many wonderful and important things that is naturally inculcated.

Since its National Day, why not put up a post on it? 🙂

I have absolutely no pronounced idea of what “Human Rights” is. Perhaps along the line of the rights that a human being should have. The rights that a human being deserves.

So I googled and came upon this site: United For Human Rights 

Please view the video 🙂 it’s interesting

Wah…… So all that many happenings around the world, really do have a link to each other, it’s about Human Rights.

The Human Rights function started way in 6th Century B.C., through the proclamation of Cyrus, also known as Cyrus Cylinder.

Cyrus Cylinder

Then the Natural Laws of Rome in 27 B.C.

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10 things about shaping up and feeling great.

10 things I learnt about shaping up and feeling great.

1. Its not about counting the calories, its about knowing what you are putting into your body. So read em’ labels
I don’t find it a smart idea to count the calories, I am not like a body-builder-careered person or make a living out of my body person, and really imagine sitting at a restaurant on your date, punching numbers on your calculator. If I’m sitting opposite that person, there probably wont be a second time really, cos the person is so anal. and life is so boring when its like that. Yes it matters, but what the hell? Why not, just be aware of what you are putting into your body? vegetables and meat. processed moderately, processed beyond recognition, unprocessed. carbos, fibres, proteins. I think thats enough. carbs = energy, un-used energy = fats, cane sugar = fats, clean intestine = better absorption of nutrients = less smell in the ladies room. Not that I do know what’s good what’s not or what most ingredients would meant to me or my body. But it’s fun to know which ones has more whatever than which ones. N you know what, those high cocoa content dark chocolate chocolate, I’m entirely blown away by the (excessive) sugar and (lack of) cocoa content in them. How did I know? I read..

2. An apple a day, doesn’t necessary keep the doctor away.
But it sure starts your day right. I eat apple everyday. like every morning. Its a breakfast routine. See the writeup on Apple vS Coffee. Maybe because I enjoy cooking, it is therapeutic to me, I don’t have a problem with waking up to peeling half an apple, slicing the apple into four, cut off the centre and base, floating them on a place of salt water and then packing them into a take away. apple + tea. thats my 6:45am (SG time) breakfast right there.

3. Lower abs is exercise, abs is what you eat.
They say 50% of abs is what you eat. That is so true. Love handles, is really because of what you eat. but that pretty looking bikini bottom, you need to exercise.

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SO this video on Ted about hacking into online dating.

Please view it if you hadn’t, its interesting. Having been on dating sites long enough, I could fully comprehend her points and entirely agree to her research.

So the other time, during Valentines day, I posted this:

Mr Spock's Logical Love


and to this day, I still agree to it. and what we look for is that (we)deemed worthy guy to partner that on.

Reminds me of this experiment I put myself into the past months.

I abstain. I walked away. I chose.

and obviously the body isn’t coping well. there were bouts of topsy turvy. the insane mood swings that (I thought) chocolates can solve. the need. THE NEED.

Its not loneliness, because loneliness can be solved by interacting with people close to your heart, or hanging out with friends. I have plenty of female colleagues and attention I tell you.

So conclusion. It was members of the male species… I wanted attention from guys.
Ladies and Gentleman, its the libido at play…

We can’t run away from it… its primitive…

I guess the point is, it is not abnormal to crave attention and interaction from the male species.
While I feel that the culture norm treats its as abnormal or being “too-open” to openly seek responds from the male species, I think that stigma.

I say *aloha* to culture norms.



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I.T Guys

I’ve been meeting and interacting with a couple of guys from the IT industry these days. Those of position, not the data entry kind. (not that I’m belittling some, this distinction is necessary for the purpose of the entry). (although surprisingly, I.T Guys does not have a particular body type. They are either normal or overly plus)


So… one was really random, met on the plane ride, the other was currently the longest Indon-friend I have and another was from online. (and many others that aint exactly at the back of my mind).

I realise one thing, they are all overly stimulated. (So poor thing, not that its a bad thing, cos I am like that).

Because their line of work requires them to analyse perhaps massive data, and I would assume deal with codes and system flows at times.

That rolls into the effect of having the constant need for intellectual stimulation. (I do think they would talk nonsense too, just that I hadn’t had a taste of it yet).

That guy on the plane was super fidgety. We could be chatting and then lapse into a brief period of silence, and then there will be another come back not on the surface of a topic, but of content obviously from after analytics (could be of a new topic or the current topic). Other moments he will be touching the magazine, his passport, the food tray (which I’m guilty at times too) and well, doing other things that I didn’t notice as I probably would be asleep. 😀

and the other guy. He is the master of “Why”. Tracing downwards, getting to the roots. Spilling random facts, (trying) to proof that he is very knowledgeable. Intrigue you with new thoughts, sharing that he is reading this certain book, economics, politics, control, power, current situations. Its just… the whole time. I just laugh at him. The whole time.
😀 okay lar, got giggle and chuckle too.

and of course that longest-known-IT guy friend, I asked for verification, and he agrees, people in the IT line tend to analyse things a lot. 😀

I know right.

and I think if SG guys had it hard, Indon guys had it harder.

I jokingly agree with the longest-known-IT guy friend, that I should hang out with an IT guy. Let him provide the mental stimulation that I crave..




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So i’ve unpurposefully isolated myself. 😀
Just kidding,
I didn’t isolate myself, and neither were things done purposefully nor unpurposefully.

Considering I had enough interaction during the working hours, with the kids mainly, I appreciate the quietness that comes when.. I don’t input and output much.

Then came the tons of Ice Shaken Lemon Tea I’ve been drinking. and of course, the amount of money I’ve thrown into the Starbucks card.

Especially and mainly because, you guess it, the interaction I get from the exchange with the Baristas.



I only understood it recently that I would somehow bring myself to the SB nearby (like 3mins walk away) day in and day out to get that tea, not bcos I’m addicted to the tea, but because I look forward to that interaction with the Baristas.

Some days, its “Oh I want that Lemon taste to perk me up.”
Some days, its “I’m picking up groceries or breakfast, so hey, swing by.”
It just happens.

I took time to analyse the conversations and interaction, I came to this conclusion,
its that non-work, genuine smile, occasional sweet message on the cup (read successful marketing tactic enhanced by personal touch, as you can see from the photo above) that I went back for day in and day out.

Its especially because its non-committal, its non-consequential. Its a Hi, Weather talk/Acquaintance talk, Bye, thing.
Just nice for someone like me.

While I run away from extensive interactions, I run to this safe zone of communication. The duration, is the selection of the order, the processing of the payment, and that extra small talk when picking up that drink.

It intrigues me how understanding self becomes a coping mechanism. (I probably will be more messed up in the relationship department if not because of them). Its not necessary because the person is in a dire state thats why this was necessary, its simply bcos I’m a social creature. I am normal. (If the situation rings a bell, you are normal too, just not one of the larger crowd of norms).

OH and one thing I noticed about myself, or the my behaviour as a consequence of the situation(-as-a-whole), eye contact became an elusive act.
Because all these interactions are short and brief, including the dealings with the students, I don’t stay to maintain eye contact long enough. I had a verbal exchange with you, we understood each other, and we move on. Thats that.

Its like, “hey, what happened, why do I disregard eye contact these days. Yes, theres always that next thing to look towards, to glance over, but where did that sincerity in speech went to?”
Not that I wasn’t sincere, but I realise, it takes effort to maintain eye contact too. To stay and gaze, Interesting.

Begs the question, how long should a random conversation be? how long to show a person that you care?

For as long as both party is comfortable, I urge.



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Passion vS Manpower

It’s been said that a person without passion is as good as a walking zombie, I strongly believe in that. Passion gives a person life and makes a person unique. I am passionate about communicating with people. I am passionate about making things work.

and then theres the other side of me.

I re-visited this In My Own Words segment a couple of weeks after I first posted it up and I realize that its so un-telling. 😀 I laughed. True Story.

Anyway, In My Own Words, communication is my strength, I believe in being happy and doing what one loves to do. Appreciates a good random laugh but often too serious to realize it.

If a quote ever tells you anything, perhaps these 2 would suffice.
1) Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. – Princess Diaries

2) All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players – William Shakespeare.

Actually, the world’s a stage, you are the lead. There’s no retakes, there’s no NG. One show. Live it.

So text me for a good chat, hang on a little, lets see how far this acquaintance can go.

Okay,  the text above is my profile intro in most of my dating site, in-fact that 1st para is in my blog intro too.  Was reading it when I thought I should address that I’ve changed…

Yar, I’m still passionate about things.
But really back then, I’m like all in and everything about it.
These days, I think I wanna move towards being involved but in a time-in and time-out way.

A person’s value and principle doesn’t really change unless there is a defining moment.

I don’t see defining moments thus far. But whats changing would be how i’ll be dealing with things from herein. Or at least hope to..

🙂 I want to be on top of situation and not be overly involved again.
Like what happened in my previous job, (although also occurs partially because of physical burn out. )

It’s when one gets overly involve in things, too immersed in it, get carried away, be an insider too deep that one’s opinion and views get clouded (being objective somehow seems to be thrown out of the window.)

No doubt being involved is important. No doubt being about the item is important.

But I began to realise, there’s always a need to pull out, rest and not be involved for a while. Like leave it be after working hours. Leave it be during lunch hours.

Perhaps somewhat like retreat, these rest hours, or this form of un-involveness can help one to see things better. Perhaps in another point of view.

Maybe that’s y we see bosses so zen?

Anyhow, I think I can write this post better.

“I’ll be back!” *speech in Arnold style. 😀

I’m back!

Actually, the text below is not really a passion thing, it’s more like manpower allocation and really doing what one is good at.

Went by to a coffee house one day. The barista who owns the shop won plenty of awards and is really good in his art.

But being his business, he handles everything. The Purchasing, the Sales & Marketing and most of all, Brewing and Preparing that cuppa.
He commented that he works 18hours a day.

I feel that we as human cannot work too hard. Whether is it on things that we love or just to bring back the money. Because we will slowly began to hate the things we do once we begin to burnout.

Just like e Barista. How good it is then if he could focus all the energy on what he does best, preparing that cuppa.. And let someone else handles all the rest of the stuff.

I think that cuppa would then go a very very long mile for him. 🙂

Trust? Resources? Or just didn’t think and understood things that way?
I don’t know. What about you? Do you enjoy what you do? Or is ur strength being taken away, distracted by the other things thought necessary?

Letting people do what they are good in…

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