Beta-hCG test

5Feb22 Cycle

so, I went in for my first pregnancy clinic visit, first scan. If its according to the above, I’m only 3rd week, 6th days in.
Not much detected on the scan, mostly just lining thickening. Endometrium at 19mm.
(and I was complaining to the sonographer that after experiencing all these breast pain, vertigo, leg cramps and blood sugar control measures and there is nothing much to see. oh gosh…)

Doctor listed a few possibilities,
(1) still early in the pregnancy
(2) spontaneous miscarriage
(3) ectopic pregnancy

Scheduled for 2 Beta-hCG test to see the change in levels within 48hrs, going back in after class.
Abit discouraged though.

Doesn’t help that the doctor is so objective and not comforting. Haiz…
When I presented some questions and symptoms to her, seems like all I get back is non-pregnancy related and PC answers.
I asked about Blood Glucose level to maintain, 4.5 to 5.5 before meal, 6 2hrs after meal. “The control must be A* level.” – she warned me. Not even bothering to first access, “How are you coping?” “How is the maintenance?” . Like I don’t know I have to keep it in control, like I haven’t been working on it. okay lor, I should just stop using the Freestyle Libre lor… Since its burning a hole in the pocket.
I asked about my vertigo, sometimes flipping side to side on bed, it spins too. She said refer me to ENT.

Sure, these are good answers that doctors are trained to, supposed to say. 😀 I sway towards confirmation bias though. Ar well…

Not like I didnt give her the stats of the cycle length. haiz… okay, I’m really grumbling because I’m really depressed about it. Its not her fault.

Like I’m a case, not a human being.
After confirming that its my 1st pregnancy, there was no question of, “Oh, how did you realise you were pregnant? How do you feel?” nope, none of those that was eloquent enough for me to remember. I’m never going to get my 1st pregnancy experience again.

Then I was so confused about the 2nd test. There’s no formal lab form for the 2nd test, they used abbreviation of the clinic that I was suppose to go, speaking too fast and swapping around terms and labels. I heard “ONG”, and then gain the understanding that its A&E department, and then someone said Urgent ONGC.
aiyo… anyway, I went back to clarify and finally understood. GOSH… I don’t work there, this is my first time. How on earth am I suppose to know what you are talking about?
nvm, I learnt, wont be my first time anymore. (oh ya, not to pee before taking height and weight + strip test)

okay, I’m done.
I shall surrender it unto the Lord, have faith and chill while waiting. As He will. Waiting to go for the 2nd Beta hCG test, waiting for the result, waiting for 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, birth, upbringing and so it goes.

😀 really not easy being a mother, having so much thoughts on it even before giving birth.

as Tom Hanks said…

This too, shall pass.

Thanks for coming by

Be Blessed

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