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That crush..

That crush… *giggle giggle giggle*
Yes I do giggle in real life. So not my age right…. ar.. well…

I have absolutely no intention to tell him, cos its obviously a season thing. Don’t know why? You got to read the previous entry.

Anyway, I was cooking and a thought came to me…
I should tell him what I like about him, what got me attracted?
Then it hit me, I shouldn’t.. 😀 cos its gonna be awkward, no matter how matured we are at handling it.
and of course Amanda has changed. 🙂 I would do it in the past, but I’m not val now. 🙂

It hit me. Its actually a very beautiful to do, to share with another about why you like him or her.
Cos really, how many persons in this world would spend time, attention, energy and just appreciate a person for who he/she is?

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