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Hello 2018!!

Realised that I’m pretty frivolous in the way I spent money last year. I did 2 staycation (for purposes) in this short 3 weeks break. HAIYO! (But to defend myself, I did pause at the 2nd one and hesitated.)ย  This year will be better!ย  They say, if you dont know how to spend, you dont know how to earn right. OKAY MAN!! I will earn extra, very many this year! I am awesome and nothing can stop me!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Actually, nothing spectacular, worth me writing about for the year 2017. But well, when in Rome, do as Roman do.

Let me go flip flip my diary. Review the past so I can be better in the future.

Wah, I actually went Macritchie Tree Top and did like multiple walks in Bukit Timah in the short 2 weeks on Dec 2016. Christmas Wonderland at GBB. That is memorable. ๐Ÿ˜€ Bcos I thought its open at 3pm (like thought its a indoor thing) and, I was all dressed up and pretty, walked from the MRT station in the drizzle to get there. Then nope, its not open yet, went to meet the Kor and gf for dinner, then went back at 7pm to check it out, only to realise that there really isnt much.

I went Taipei in January! That zoo trip! that eerie area.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Dont remember much about the other animals besides the Bison and feeling grateful for the variety of animals that the SG zoo has upon hearing some other tourist’s conversation. The got-lucky-cos-I-went-early trip at the public hot spring (cos they had to close due to lack of water, after my batch) MUAHAHHAHA! OH and the cable car ride up MaoKong, cannot siA, took it up, like want to puke like that. then took a cab ride down. Interesting. Oh yes, I missed Chun Shui Tang’s bubble tea. :)ยฌยฌยฌยฌย  Bought my 3S and 3 for the dad. Spectacular CNY, cos I threw up on the way to visits on the 2nd day – migraine dont know due to spinal issues or woman problem. interesting.

Suprisingly, the highlight of February was with 2 students. One is my own growth, the other is to help the child deal with his differences. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, the spectacular teeths…. Around the 6/3, had issues with 2 teeth, crown and root. :/ then 27th, came back to SG to have the roots and the wisdom teeth removed. My wisdom tooth was very pretty! ๐Ÿ˜€

March is when I started watching Goblin. Courtesy of Iris. ๐Ÿ˜€ and Telcomsel.

April, had a hangout with a interesting teacher. It bags the question, if hangout needs an objective or a purpose. Then its not a hangout after all isnt it? Last day of April also sees me chatting with a guy thats… lets just call him Batman. ๐Ÿ˜€ yea, nice guy that didnt work out. In fact my whole month of May was all about him. The whole get to know part.

June sees Batman fading away, Mr T rising. My birthday! Situation being taken advantage of. OH! and declutter too. 11 Red bags for the Salvation Army.ย and then the crazy stroll at Bukit Timah andย  that one-time-and-never-again scale from Diary Farm up to Bukit Timah on the 27th.. O_O Madness. of course MacRitchie again. Babies gratuated…
Decluttering was fun, lots of old memories, of relationship that didnt happen (but were recorded in my own way of course). Identification cards that were significant.

July, went Jogjakarta, visited Borobudur for the first time. Highlight? heh….. kanna the same spot of Tomcat as the previous time. :/

August started beautifully. ๐Ÿ˜€ Just kidding, 1st August was the day when someone texted me to say to not bother him again. ๐Ÿ˜€ It wasnt me. it was we. too bad it became me. LOL

September and the start of October sees 2 guys that came in my hands. Shocking.
But the 3rd guy in the month of October was a class of its own. Will blog about him specifically in a bit. Dont think he was out to gain advantage (not talking about sexually), but I have no conclusion on it. 13th was the first dinner date with Natasha, its an evolution from Dentist to friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

November was the decision month for coming back to SG for good. One of the nights – 6th Nov, when I woke up and felt a prompting in the heart, that its time to come back. Perhaps nothing to do with the loneliness, just… “go back”. Big BOO BOO! Bought a Monday flight when I was supposed to fly on a Sunday. Dumb dumb siA. LOL dont know where that came from (well, I think that afternoon when I was booking, I was booking multiple flights. Probably overlooked then)

December 2nd, I was watching Bridget Jones Diary, That lawyer moving to another place to continue his career. I also want that. Press the RESTART button. Go to another place, do what im good at, be paid well, be esteemed. Restart. ๐Ÿ™‚ If only life is that easy. Started BP monitoring. 2nd year to retainers and braces. Did an interesting photoshoot. 28th, officially let the 1st guy go. Some guys are good but not necessary mine. (2nd guy was not even worth mentioning in my diary. Major laugh). 3rd guy. wasted. lol anyway, offically ditched him on the 31st, not that it matters that much to him actually. Hes a player.
Probably would write about him too. theres a good lesson beneath it. ๐Ÿ˜€

and oh yes, of course, my face is much more contoured now. hey hey! Weight havent really drop, but I know I shrinked.


Signing offfffffff
Happy 2018, everyone!


Thanks for coming by
Be Blessed

2014 Roundup

*gasped. I didnt round-up my 2013 and neither did I round-up my 2012.
Is that possible? Why yes, of course. Its already history. *aha!

I guess the past 3 years have been really hectic thats why there wasnt a summary. But fear not, future me! at least we have the 2014 one.

2014 is def a year of understanding self and greater discovery. *which year isnt right? ๐Ÿ˜€

January 2014, according to the post on 29th Dec 2013, I was blogging about shoes and dresses. Thats a sign of a happy me. Which I guess is not surprising since I must have settled in, into the 18sqm unit in the new work location. January is probably also the time when theres floods over there and preparation for Chinese New Year.

Its such a wonderful opportunity to have been taken over to live and work in another country where expenses are not as high and I can really do and focus on what I love.

Skipped over Feb, Mar and Apr and on to

Late May, early few days of June was house moving. The first time I experience Gastric and also the first time I take over an apartment as my own. The balcony was horrendous. ๐Ÿ˜€ check it (see below)


From this 18sqm studio



I moved into this 36sqm studio



the horrendous but stupendous and all important balcony

Albums: “Jakarta Adventure” and “tt home

If you fly as often as I do, you will know how it feels when you come back to a place that belongs to you. That you came home.

Came home

Came home


June is the fabulous month where I came back to Singapore, celebrated my birthday in my homeland, stayed over at MBS and visited the Aquarium. That aquarium visit is spectaular, cos I was talking about it since the year before and with someone, so much emotional attachment with it. But its over so its good. Its when you finally do it, it became a completed item, and whatever that was or could be, shouldnt matter anymore.

July was the beginning of a school year, somehow, I just recovered from the hectic and hurtful past, healed and began to write about it.

and of course a happy August when the BFF came over to visit and I totally missed SG’s national day celebration.

September was a stretching month. Its a lot of ground works for a new portfolio. Seems like the talents are all peeking out of the bag, getting recognise.

October! ย Probably its bcos its been a full year of senseless flying and no holiday (going new places) I went Bali~~~~~~~~~~ย . Canggu, not Kota or Seminyak.
I realize that the name of a holiday destination is never the name of the place that I thought Iย would be visiting. “Bali” when actually its famed for Kota, “Krabi” when its actually famed for Ao Nang and of cos to its neighbouring Phi Phi islands. Like WHAT???????????????? lol its a good trip nonetheless

November, its complicated. ๐Ÿ˜€ Parents came to visit in the new place and we had much good food and checking places out. I got back onto online dating, and boy what a mess it was.

December, taDA! I’m back in Singapore and loving it. This is going to be the longest holiday yet.

I think all in all, this is absolutely a year of understanding myself. Understanding what is introversion and how does this introvert love to spend her time. The amount of stimulation and how I would react to it.

They say going on a trip alone is fascinating, they say it takes strength to eat alone, well, *shrugs* I wonder what they say about being an expat? ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, I do admire expats. ๐Ÿ˜€
But erm…

Expats are...

Expats are…

I guess everyone has their own opinion.

If we dont look at my personal life, theres still a few here and there to recover from 2014

1. Steve Jobs is great, but lets put that aside. Theres always 2 sides to a person.
2. I realize so many people around me are just huge liars, going back on their words, but I have also learnt to accept them and not correct them anyway. Just associate with them less.
3. Dont listen to those that are severely hurt by divorce and its proceedings. Relationships and being in one is still a journey and a beautiful thing.

I still believe and look forward to being in a relationship. Yes I am still single, still strong-headed, still learning about myself everyday.

Looking forward to 2015.


thanks for coming by
*muack muack!

Be Bless