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Human Rights

Happy 49th Birthday SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Was just walking passed the TV when I heard about Human Rights violation in Gaza and the various happenings.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I’m in Singapore, that I am brought up in a society as such, that there are so many wonderful and important things that is naturally inculcated.

Since its National Day, why not put up a post on it? 🙂

I have absolutely no pronounced idea of what “Human Rights” is. Perhaps along the line of the rights that a human being should have. The rights that a human being deserves.

So I googled and came upon this site: United For Human Rights 

Please view the video 🙂 it’s interesting

Wah…… So all that many happenings around the world, really do have a link to each other, it’s about Human Rights.

The Human Rights function started way in 6th Century B.C., through the proclamation of Cyrus, also known as Cyrus Cylinder.

Cyrus Cylinder

Then the Natural Laws of Rome in 27 B.C.

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SO this video on Ted about hacking into online dating.

Please view it if you hadn’t, its interesting. Having been on dating sites long enough, I could fully comprehend her points and entirely agree to her research.

So the other time, during Valentines day, I posted this:

Mr Spock's Logical Love


and to this day, I still agree to it. and what we look for is that (we)deemed worthy guy to partner that on.

Reminds me of this experiment I put myself into the past months.

I abstain. I walked away. I chose.

and obviously the body isn’t coping well. there were bouts of topsy turvy. the insane mood swings that (I thought) chocolates can solve. the need. THE NEED.

Its not loneliness, because loneliness can be solved by interacting with people close to your heart, or hanging out with friends. I have plenty of female colleagues and attention I tell you.

So conclusion. It was members of the male species… I wanted attention from guys.
Ladies and Gentleman, its the libido at play…

We can’t run away from it… its primitive…

I guess the point is, it is not abnormal to crave attention and interaction from the male species.
While I feel that the culture norm treats its as abnormal or being “too-open” to openly seek responds from the male species, I think that stigma.

I say *aloha* to culture norms.



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The Best We Know

Have you watch Glee Season 5, the episode entitled “Movin’ Out”?
I was very intrigued by Becky and her interaction with the special guy in that tour she went for.
See snippets below.

I think its very real, not just of the special people, but even of the normal people as well.
The form of interaction, sarcasm. She pretends that she didn’t like him. But its obvious, thats her entree to the kingdom of relationship.

and it just reminds me of how relationships work for normal people.
We do our best and react to situations as best as we could. Sometimes one of the ways is sarcasm.
Other times its sweetness and being dainty. For me, its critical analysis (and of course w the bullcrap detector on full-swing mode).



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Educated Humor

A lot of political and adult humor in it. Perhaps tts y its for the educated crowd, in an established school.
Those that are magnanimous enough to handle it.

Its okay if you didnt catch it. Take your time.

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Simon’s Cat

This silly cat, always does that “Feed Me” hand signal thing. Damn irritating.


But I think this one is pretty well done.

and in as much as I deny or am trying to let go and forget, I miss him, or I miss the idea of what it could have been.


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