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Went to scale this hill last weekend with dad.
not exactly purposely to scale the hill, but rather its like follow him for a stroll after dinner. 😉

Daddy says when he was doing his National service, his superiors would make them charge all around the hill. 😀 Must have been quite a sight. A group of grown man, carrying their bags and rifles, charging at nothing.

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Was doing Post-processing (PP) on my Batam photos when a thought strike me causing a dilemma within.

Version 2.1

this is after much Post-processing, tweaking the contrast (that increased the brightness of the photo), saturation of the colours Green and Blue that brings out the blueness of the boat and the skies, the green to bring out the sea.

“Originally” (or maybe not that originally, will explain that later) its like this:

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Killer Heels

I Heart My Killer Heels!! Thought that the whole python skin n zip design on the sides looks great!

Defines my calf muscles and adds 9.5cm more to my height 😀


but sets me back by $50 over dollars…

Are you as vain as me? 😀

thanks for coming by

Be Bless