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Most ‘fallen’ ministers I’ve met with said they had no-one to talk to, no trusted friends who would understand their problem.

God says, ‘It’s not good that man be alone.’

Friends are to laugh with, cry with and do life together with.

Friends are forged in fire.

Shared experience is the bases of relationship.

Be there in their ups and their downs and friendship forms.

Our destiny is locked into our friendships.

Jonathon was meant to inherit his father’s Saul’s throne, but he prepared his soul friend David for that.

How’s your friends?


Phil Pringles – Leadership Files


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Someone complimented me saying that they thought I was a great storyteller.

Thank you, but anyone can be a great storyteller if they can be a great story-getter.

People fail to tell a story because they fail to see a story.

My friend said I make something out of nothing, that I make big things out of small things.

Thanks again, but life and death fascinate me.

Every moment, every person has a story. A wow!

If you look with wonder can you see a story right now?

Of course you can, everything illustrates something.

Look until you see the story.


Phil Pringles – Leadership Files


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Prov 12: 26
‘The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray.’

A Person is known by the friends they keep.
No matter what we say we are, it’s our associations that define us.
We attract people like ourselves, to ourselves.
Our friends verify who we are.
We should choose friendships that elevate us.
Friends who help us rise are friends indeed.
Those ‘friends’ who pull us down are not friends at all.


from Pastor Phil’s Leadership Files


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Phil Pringle – Leadership Files, Impatience

Many problems you face will come from impatience – shortness of spirit.
Impatience makes you do a thing several times, instead of once slowly.
Impatience makes you miss the wisdom that comes from waiting and thinking before acting.
Impatience makes you lose friends when they frustrate you.

Because of impatience you will lose control of your temper.
Impatience is a short spirit.
If you’re a person with a short fuse people will avoid you.
You will scatter instead of gather.

BUT, James 1:3 declares that the time to exercise patience is exactly when you dont want to – when you’re under pressure.
If you develop patience and become great at waiting and coping and putting up with … everything … you will be “complete and entire, lacking in nothing’ (verse 4)

Go for it. Be a patient person.

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