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Atta Girls!

Didnt quite get to offload this from my emotional tank since I came back, finally have the time now.

I got bullied at the tax-refund office. Stood up for myself (experienced a range of emotions along the way). More and more women are standing up for themselves. Atta girls!

(without the finger of course)

So, we needed to get a stamp from the tax-refund office at the airport before we depart from the country. This stamp indicates that goods have been brought out of country and is validated to be exported (i.e. not bought at a tax-free price to be sold inland). Otherwise, we would need to pay a penalty on top of the tax-refund fee. Being a law-abiding citizen of Singapore we make sure to get all the paper works and join the appropriate queues to get that precious stamp.

I was 10 over person behind in the queue when we noticed an angmo being rejected by the customs i.e refusing to give him the stamp (tax-refund officers would direct customers with too-big a figure of receipt to the customs for verification), the angmo stood around, probably thinking what to do or how to deal with the situation. I didnt bother about him, he’s not my problem.

Soon enough, it was almost my turn. I noticed the officer’s interaction with the previous traveller. She was flustered, coughing, lifting up her bottle (as though showing she needs to go get water), trying to indicate, tell the traveller that goods inspection was after immigration. The traveller misunderstood, asking, pointing if he needs to go join the above-stated customs line. After much through and fro, she gave up and walked away to top up her bottle (I supposed) he walked to the customs line.
I was thinking, poor thing, she seems unwell and the line of travellers getting refund seems never ending (need not mention about some travellers who might have given her a hard time previously).

I stood at the line, waiting for the next available counter. She came back, made eye-contact and signal me to go over.

I had 2 slips, 1 for cash refund, already received at the mall, the other for credit card, to be credited sometime down the road when I arrived back at Singapore. The tour manager warns us to take a picture of the stamp should the tax refund office keeps the receipt so that should there be further questioning, we have a proof of validation.

I stepped up, presented my receipts, mentioned that one has already been refunded and the other, I would like to get in cash if possible. She said “okay, I know”, proceeded to do the returns in USD, I asked if I could get Euro instead, she said ran out, so I asked my husband to get refund in USD or in credit card. we chose credit card. She carried on her task. My husband walked away. 🙂

I explained that that was my first time, I wasnt sure what was happening, she winked at me and smile said its okay. Sure. 🙂 I stood there and left her to do her job.

I saw her process my 1st cash-refunded receipt. After stamping, she clipped it in a stack. She carried on to the credit card one. She gave me back a new receipt. I panic as the receipt does not have a stamp. I stop and slip the receipt back, “But the receipt does not have a stamp,” I said.

Thats when she lost it. “Trust me, lady, its there, your details, your credit card number,” she even took a highlighter and highlighted my credit card details.

I said “okay, okay” I walked away since she seems to know what I was talking about. and she said “trust me” ma… so I leave her alone.

As I turned, I checked again, okay that figure is for credit card refund. hmm.. but what about the figure from the other cash refund receipt? I turn back again, waited behind the next-customer whom she is attending to.

When the next-customer left, I present her the receipt and said “what about the cash-refund receipt?” I then pointed to that above-mentioned stack. “I need to take a picture, just a picture.” 🙁

She then took that new-issued credit card refund receipt and proceed to highlight the amount, “here is the amount, no need stamp, this is okay, trust me,” she tried to explain, looking like she is almost breaking down… 🙁 I seriously feel so heartbroken for her.

“no, no, no, this one, this one,” I pointed to the stack where she clipped my cash-refunded receipt again and said “just a picture” as I held up my phone and act as though I was taking a picture. To my horror, she stood up, took the stack and put it on her rolling chair and push everything backwards, further into the office.

“no, no, no, just a picture,” again, I said, gesturing with my phone.

“its okay, its okay,” I heard that as someone shoved me from my left. (I obviously stood my ground and not move).

WAH. you have no idea the anger in me at that point of time. (yup, woman’s emotions are like that.. one moment my heart is all out for the tax-refund officer, cos it was a very simple miscomm, just put the stamp-receipt at the counter, I will take a picture and I will leave you alone; the next, Anger was coursing through my blood.)

I stopped what I was saying put down my phone and the stuff on my hands, turned and looked at him. Tall, probably in the late 40s, ang mo, my head was probably at his shoulder level, big built.

In a calm and definitely not soft voice (without hand gesture), “GO AWAY”.

The person got it, and he said “okay okay”. Stood there quietly.

and I got back on with my case.

Again I said “picture of the stamp” (gesturing with the phone), “cash-refund receipt”. Then I think she got it. She took the stack, took out mine and left it at the counter.

I positioned it, took a photo and then returned it. “I’m so sorry, thank you. Its my first time.” smiled at her. She winked at me again. I turned and noticed my husband, he asked what happened. I refused to respond and walked to a corner with him.

I scolded him, “why were you not there with me to deal with that guy,” “why do I have to raise my voice at him instead of you doing it?” again, I asked. I explained the situation in short and asked for a hug. “He tried to push me away while I was trying to ask for the cash-refund receipt to take a picture of the stamp,” the husband understood and nodded. “I noticed that guy, he had trouble with the customs and has been going counter to counter. The customs officer just ignored him and went away.” he explained. “I was just trying to deal with my problem,” I half spoke in an inaudible voice, while going in for a hug. Tears welled up in my eyes…
(pity-anger-sadness, yup, all within 10 minutes)

Although I got the intruder to not dismiss me, I felt so bullied seriously, so disrupted, so disrespect. How dare he!

That angmo…. bloody piece of crap.
There’s a saying in chinese, 老虎不发挥就把我当病猫 loosely translated as “dont treat a tiger as a sick cat just because the tiger didnt exert itself”.

Girls are standing up for themselves more and more. Atta girl!

Thanks for coming by and spending time.

Be Blessed


The Wedding Review Part 2

Its been a month.. woH. how time flies..

Not really thinking about blogging the whole experience. Just thought to drop some good word for the good people that helped to make the event happen. 

I think it was a good thing that when Peter and I started out planning for the wedding, we knew that its a hassle-free, simple event. We didnt want to be heavily in debt and neither do we think “since this is a once in a life-time event, we had to make it out of this world”.

Having to have his parents and perhaps some relatives fly in would already be a bomb. My own relatives in SG would be 80 over. We havent even talked about relatives in Malaysia, our friends or our colleagues. (His colleagues were invited though).

Heres sharing the review of the people we worked with

Bridal Studio: Luna Bianca

For the first time ever, I attended a Wedding Fair. I was so not prepared…. 
I sincerely thought it would just be a gathering of information stop, or maybe just gather some brochure and maybe collect some ideas. 
I was so wrong. 
It was a slaughter field. 

Mr Right, Mrs Always-right

Okay, just kidding, 
As the more informed ones will tell you, its a time that vendors would hardsell. From giving you a brochure and straight away quote you a price, to sizing you up and telling you they could do make-to-measure for you. 
I got there and immediately the hard-selling begins. The vendors flashed their booklets and photos and price list. On and on and on. 
We finished one section and there was an exit. I took the easy way out and insist on standing at the exit. My groom wanted to carry on looking at the vendors ahead. I’m like, nope. I’m done. Its so overwhelming, I dont know how the brides and groom handle it. 

Me (then)

I negotiate with him for a while, he said to view the last few solely photography booth and then we go. I obliged. 
We look, we left. On the way to the train station, we spoke about the pitches and offers, I told him I dont need the packages as I’ve had arrangement and there are so many freelance contact arrangement. Hes the one, on the other hand, who doesnt wanna simply tailor his suit. :/ He wants to have it rented. 

wuuu…. ahh…… waaaa…..

One of the things that he was really looking for was the photography. He wanted someone that could do what he couldnt. (Basically have exceptional eyes for details and capabilities)

We got on the train. 3 stops later. He said, We’ve not see the french boutique, which him and his ex-gf had committed a deposit that he didnt manage to get back and would like to go back to the fair and perhaps bargain for a deal. He didnt wanna walk out from the fair with no arrangements at all. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Satisfied we are!

I’m like…………. okay, fine, we’ll go back to look for that french boutique. 
We went back and again, people thrust brochures, asking you to come sit at their booth.. I dont, I dont care, I’m the one who will be coordinating most of the stuff (at least the non-church side) in the end, who cares about the fair. I cannot take it. and then………………………………. 
Luna Bianca’s portfolio caught his eyes. 

I’m like, nope. nope. we came back for that french boutique, not this, not anything else. I dont want, leave me alone. 
I strayed away while he was spoken to by one of the boss. I was just floating, looking for the whatever french boutique. 
Then he called out, “a, bride, bride, come back here, they are ready to talk to us.” 
so how? Like that lor. Go back sit down and rock myself at the seat to self-sooth lor… 🙁 

That’s us! (immortalised in a photo, printed on a throw-cushion)

He listened and spoke about his requirements. I just said there and be present. The groom was particularly impressed by the works of their in-house photography Desmond’s. I thought their coordinator-LiWen would be able to do just fine. Looking through his instagram posting, I knew why. 🙂 Go check out all his themed and overseas pre-wed photos. :)~ @desmondseanteo  on insta

Fast forward to the wedding day, I had a good time. Coordination with Luna Bianca was relatively easy. We came down for the fitting, The groom got what he wanted, There were so many droool-worthy dresses and they have so many upcoming showsssss @lunabiancabridal

2 hours in, 3/4 through the day. We are extraordinary!

I was introduced to the fabulous makeup artist, Benji, @benjioo
This is the photo that Desmond and I took improntu. It was 2hours into the wedding dinner. My makeup is still nicely done. 

Yeah, you probably didnt notice, I have makeup on my gown already, my hair is still fabulous! 😀

Benji didnt do “breath-taking” makeup for me, neither was the makeup not my-style. His choices for my looks were very naturally me. 
The groom got the flowers and the car through Luna Bianca, most of the necessary coordination were through Luna Bianca as well. What can I say, I was so thankful that Luna Bianca had a hand in handling things that the groom has to handle.  

I was glad that although I was all reluctant in the beginning, we turned back and engaged Luna Bianca in the end (Maybe some anniversary photo-taking I can go to them too).

Thanks for coming by,

Be Blessed

The Wedding Review Part 1

Its been a month.. woH. how time flies..

Not really thinking about blogging the whole experience. Just thought to drop some good word for the good people that helped to make the event happen.

I think it was a good thing that when Peter and I started out planning for the wedding, we knew that its a hassle-free, simple event. We didnt want to be heavily in debt and neither do we think “since this is a once in a life-time event, we had to make it out of this world”.

Having to have his parents and perhaps some relatives fly in would already be a bomb. My own relatives in SG would be 80 over. We havent even talked about relatives in Malaysia, our friends or our colleagues. (His colleagues were invited though).

Heres sharing the review of the people we worked with

Dinner: Canopy Garden Dinning.

It all started with the Groom’s desire to have a wedding party at a dedicated location, something that’s more laid back, casual yet not forsaking the idea that it’s a private party with a purpose. 

So I aka the Bride, set out to find venues that are within a good price, has a vibe where working colleagues can let their hair down, relatives may be honoured, dine at the table and move around to mingle. 

On the list that were within our budget were venues at the mall, which the Groom rejected, because it wasn’t exclusive enough; bars at Esplanade, which both Bride and Groom rejected because it’s probably wouldn’t work for the older folks; repurposed warehouse which sadly couldn’t house live band; super-pretty looking venues which obviously were way overpriced and too formal; dedicated space within food-court that doesn’t seem to care about what we wanted.

Then there was Canopy Garden Dining at Bishan Park 2. I’ve been to Grub, but not exactly Canopy. Since it’s checks most of the items within our list, we decided to go take a look. 

We booked a table for 2 on one of the date nights. It had an indoor venue, alfresco setup and attached to it was the MiddleRock Bar. It was a family-friendly place. Not the most exciting venue for date nights of course. Romance is literally missing (at least for this Bride) when there are toddlers on babychair tinkling with cutleries and whatever they could lay their hands on. 

Canopy Garden Dinning, Indoor setup

The Groom on the other hand is absolutely sold. He felt it was nice to be in the middle of all the greenery. Our folks could sit in the indoor proper dinning area, his colleagues can be at the bar where both high tables and comfortable lounge seats were available, our friends and perhaps the younger relatives could take the alfresco space, where the live band could perform from too. 

Thats my neighbour-nanny who I used to lay below her sofa to drink from my milk bottle. Alfresco area for the live band and casual crowd too.
Bar setup for his colleagues and the un-formalities.

So we arranged to meet the coordinator, Jasmin and discuss our plans. We had a total of 120 guest, it was suggested to take on the whole place. I’m fine, having more space is better than not enough. We chat about the decoration, the solemnization arc and even sample menus. 
I’m an educator, I am detail-oriented. I know what I want and I’m pretty assertive about it. I would ask for information and yet I have a certain budget to work around. 

Thank you Jasmin! My peeps had a good time. Nice location, nice food and excellent help from you, girl!

Working with my set of guest and my requirements definitely wasn’t easy. I had 3 revision of seating plans; I had revisions of menu, main dinner menu and halal menus with strictly halal requires. I went thru almost 4 decor samples but in the end due to change of plans only got the fairy lights. All these, the coordinator handled with much resources and much grace. 

I love my money box. 😀

I felt that without the coordinator’s and Canopy’s servers capabilities, things wouldn’t have been so smooth. Especially because of the unexpected change of weather. I didn’t have wet-weather plans, about 10% of my guest got drizzled on some. Besides some of my guest being kind enough to move around, it was nice that the kitchen helps and servers were quick to respond to the situation and ensure that my guest were well taken care of. 
All in all, both my husband and I were absolutely delighted to have held our wedding dinner at Canopy Garden Dinning. Instead of 4 walls or doors at a hotel, we were surrounded by lush greenery, helpful servers, capable coordinator and definitely a wonderful ambiance at the restaurant.
I look forward to hold more celebrations at the restaurant.

Airtime for the Bride and Groom. Come come, squeeze around before you guys mingle.
Shoutout to my pretty girls Varina (my right) and Linette (my left) for helping out at my reception!

Thanks for coming by!

Be Blessed

Slow down and Breathe…

I used to click really fast on my Qoo10 transactions and stuff. But I began to slow down. I realise that its not because my mental processing has become weaken.. but because I am more careful now. I want to be sure what I’m clicking for, is there more checks or parts that I can get price reduced or have unnecessary charges or alternative ways of payment that gets me a better deal.

Maybe thats how people that are very careful works. Not because they are unconfident, not because they are old and declining. But because they are just more careful.

I think I made enough mistake because of carelessness.
I think we can all make less mistakes.

So lets slow down and take it in. Take it all in….

Thanks for coming by

Be Blessed

October Guy

The October guy happened very fast. One week, less than one week?
Chatted with him from online, he seems impressive. Supposedly a business owner. Intellectual?

He was all serious like me. Seldom joke in our communications.

Asks and listens to perspective and challenges what we communicate.

Owns a company that rents out vehicles for private hire,
Owns a delivery services company.

So, came the season that I was back in SG and he wanted to meet. Sure 🙂

We arranged to meet on a Saturday evening, If I didnt remember wrong.
Friday morning we had a chat on the phone, something about what show to watch and what to have for dinner. Then he asked what phone im using, which SP im with. So I said, Singtel, sim-card only.

Then in the afternoon, he sent a photo, it was a BM that is crashed in the front. He said he got into an accident while on the way to pick up snacks for his nephew.
Okay, Ive no reason to doubt, I cant be bothered. So he said he needs to make arrangement with his driver who is driving the company van so that he has a car for the weekend. Possibly help him speed up his delivery work too. Oh ok, sure. None of my business, nothing to do with me. Dont need him to drive me around. Booked the tickets for the movie the next day.

So came Saturday. He was late for movie. Didnt pay me back. Last minute asked me to help him buy a drink. Sure. Should have been earlier rather than buy from theatre at ridiculous price.

Then after the movie, I thought he was nice, sincere, serious, stable. We chatted and made out. Then he asked what I was doing the next day. I said hanging out with dad then flying back. Then he explained that he needs to go and sign for a phone, iphone cos better to have 2 systems to back up his data. fair enough since he is a business owner. He wanted to pass on one of his phone to the father. Something about needing to get home to check newspaper and online for roadshow promotion.

Then explained, not Starhub bcos they blacklist him for not paying $80 for a setup that didnt stream the channels he wanted. Not M1 bcos he made a overseas call while in Singapore but was charged a roaming price of dunno $300 or $500. So he has to sign with Singtel.

Sent me home.

Called while driving saying to chat to keep him awake. okay sure. Said he called the hotlines to check on promo after I got off to sign. Said tomorrow would be a good day to sign. SINCE I AM FLYING OFF.
His intention was to have me sign for him with Singtel. Because he has the max number of line with Singtel already.

I hated pitching… like trying to sell me something. So I cut him off saying, okay fine i will sign for him.
Then after I got off the phone, I felt weird. I dont know him enough. I dont even know his last name. only met him once. He said lets use that 2 years to proof his sincerity towards our relationship. Mind you, his plan is the top end $100+ a month kind.

So I text him saying to send me a picture of his pink IC, front and back. He can blank out his IC number, its fine. I explained that I was scammed before and I would like to protect myself this time.

Thats when all hell broke lose. He said he is real, he has nothing to proof. He said I went back on my words. He was very insistent wanting to know if its a yes or no. then along the line of what rubbish teacher i am, dunno how to read text is it? Dunno how to answer yes or no question isnt it? Said I threw away the possibility of us being together, that he was serious. I said I still have hope for us and you can guess what he answer.

He even the cheek to say yes he planned it all, including the movie, the drink, the cheap make out session in the van. such defeating words. no value… at all.

Verbally abusive with all the vulgar language.

Its so sad.
Something that can be so beautiful, went to the ground, just like that.
Supposed to be a business owner, how come he can be so abusive and impulsive? Thats not very good, business

Hoax? Scam? Out to take advantage?
I dont know, I dont really care anymore. He was verbally abusive. That was all. 


Be careful ladies.


Thanks for coming by


Be Blessed

Hello 2018!!

Realised that I’m pretty frivolous in the way I spent money last year. I did 2 staycation (for purposes) in this short 3 weeks break. HAIYO! (But to defend myself, I did pause at the 2nd one and hesitated.)  This year will be better!  They say, if you dont know how to spend, you dont know how to earn right. OKAY MAN!! I will earn extra, very many this year! I am awesome and nothing can stop me!! 😀
Actually, nothing spectacular, worth me writing about for the year 2017. But well, when in Rome, do as Roman do.

Let me go flip flip my diary. Review the past so I can be better in the future.

Wah, I actually went Macritchie Tree Top and did like multiple walks in Bukit Timah in the short 2 weeks on Dec 2016. Christmas Wonderland at GBB. That is memorable. 😀 Bcos I thought its open at 3pm (like thought its a indoor thing) and, I was all dressed up and pretty, walked from the MRT station in the drizzle to get there. Then nope, its not open yet, went to meet the Kor and gf for dinner, then went back at 7pm to check it out, only to realise that there really isnt much.

I went Taipei in January! That zoo trip! that eerie area.. 😀 Dont remember much about the other animals besides the Bison and feeling grateful for the variety of animals that the SG zoo has upon hearing some other tourist’s conversation. The got-lucky-cos-I-went-early trip at the public hot spring (cos they had to close due to lack of water, after my batch) MUAHAHHAHA! OH and the cable car ride up MaoKong, cannot siA, took it up, like want to puke like that. then took a cab ride down. Interesting. Oh yes, I missed Chun Shui Tang’s bubble tea. :)¬¬¬¬  Bought my 3S and 3 for the dad. Spectacular CNY, cos I threw up on the way to visits on the 2nd day – migraine dont know due to spinal issues or woman problem. interesting.

Suprisingly, the highlight of February was with 2 students. One is my own growth, the other is to help the child deal with his differences. 🙂 Of course, the spectacular teeths…. Around the 6/3, had issues with 2 teeth, crown and root. :/ then 27th, came back to SG to have the roots and the wisdom teeth removed. My wisdom tooth was very pretty! 😀

March is when I started watching Goblin. Courtesy of Iris. 😀 and Telcomsel.

April, had a hangout with a interesting teacher. It bags the question, if hangout needs an objective or a purpose. Then its not a hangout after all isnt it? Last day of April also sees me chatting with a guy thats… lets just call him Batman. 😀 yea, nice guy that didnt work out. In fact my whole month of May was all about him. The whole get to know part.

June sees Batman fading away, Mr T rising. My birthday! Situation being taken advantage of. OH! and declutter too. 11 Red bags for the Salvation Army. and then the crazy stroll at Bukit Timah and  that one-time-and-never-again scale from Diary Farm up to Bukit Timah on the 27th.. O_O Madness. of course MacRitchie again. Babies gratuated…
Decluttering was fun, lots of old memories, of relationship that didnt happen (but were recorded in my own way of course). Identification cards that were significant.

July, went Jogjakarta, visited Borobudur for the first time. Highlight? heh….. kanna the same spot of Tomcat as the previous time. :/

August started beautifully. 😀 Just kidding, 1st August was the day when someone texted me to say to not bother him again. 😀 It wasnt me. it was we. too bad it became me. LOL

September and the start of October sees 2 guys that came in my hands. Shocking.
But the 3rd guy in the month of October was a class of its own. Will blog about him specifically in a bit. Dont think he was out to gain advantage (not talking about sexually), but I have no conclusion on it. 13th was the first dinner date with Natasha, its an evolution from Dentist to friend. 🙂

November was the decision month for coming back to SG for good. One of the nights – 6th Nov, when I woke up and felt a prompting in the heart, that its time to come back. Perhaps nothing to do with the loneliness, just… “go back”. Big BOO BOO! Bought a Monday flight when I was supposed to fly on a Sunday. Dumb dumb siA. LOL dont know where that came from (well, I think that afternoon when I was booking, I was booking multiple flights. Probably overlooked then)

December 2nd, I was watching Bridget Jones Diary, That lawyer moving to another place to continue his career. I also want that. Press the RESTART button. Go to another place, do what im good at, be paid well, be esteemed. Restart. 🙂 If only life is that easy. Started BP monitoring. 2nd year to retainers and braces. Did an interesting photoshoot. 28th, officially let the 1st guy go. Some guys are good but not necessary mine. (2nd guy was not even worth mentioning in my diary. Major laugh). 3rd guy. wasted. lol anyway, offically ditched him on the 31st, not that it matters that much to him actually. Hes a player.
Probably would write about him too. theres a good lesson beneath it. 😀

and oh yes, of course, my face is much more contoured now. hey hey! Weight havent really drop, but I know I shrinked.


Signing offfffffff
Happy 2018, everyone!


Thanks for coming by
Be Blessed

2nd Scammer

They dont stop coming do they? Am thankful that this post has been going around and helping people.

This 2nd one I met.
On the site, he indicated UAE. So I asked him what’s he doing there, he said he’s developing a project. I asked him where he’s from, he said Woodlands (in SG)
I asked about some of the places in the proximity, unable to answer well.
Said flying back end of the month. He said he looks forward to meet me.

I asked for photos of his development he said it’s in his laptop in HK. I didn’t pursue.
But that’s dumb. You are at your site, confirm u wld have taken photos of your “project” unless you are not proud of it or it’s a lie.

So comes end of the month, he flew HK. I questioned, didnt he say he was eager to meet me? He said he told me he’s going back SG bcos he wanted us to meet.

So I asked him what was his company’s edge to have won the project. He couldn’t respond well. He said he is the boss, he presented well, they liked it. So, he got the job. (BULL CRAP)

So I asked for his SG number, he couldn’t provide. I ask him to blur out his ic number n send me a photo of his pink ic. Couldn’t provide.

Ignore him for a while. Then he messaged to say he couldn’t text me for a while bcos his mom died, he was sad and busy.

I responded saying even mother he also bring in.

Then after that, he responded saying “oh thank you for my kind words.” Hai… Dunno how many girls he is scamming at the moment. :(



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HK Police’s respond on the scam

So I followed up with the necessary on the love scammed situation, got this from the HK police.


Though it’s kinda expected (yar, not surprising abt the fake identity bank account registration), it’s still painful to face it.

Spread the word!!!! Get rid of those irritants!!

Oh, n someone asked abt the LINE Account thing:

Scammer Lippo v1 Scammer Lippo v1b

Scammer Lippo v2a Scammer Lippo v2b
The one in black suit is the current one that he is using. Confirm is targeting those 35 and above.

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Be Bless

What to do next?

So, after this post was published, much girls contacted me, Just thought its a good idea to share some of the more active after actions or what I responded to one of the girls.

Thank God you didn’t transfer any funds to him at all. Please do not do that. I believe that he can do nothing about your account number. If I’m not wrong, unless you’ve provided authorization to the bank, the bank is not authorised to release any funds from your account.
1. I suggest you change a bank account number if its within your ability.
2. Inform bank via phone call or a visit to tell them that you did not authorise and should not under any circumstances allow any movement with the next few month (except pre-arranged giro arrangement).

The truth of the matter is, this photo you have, Is definitely not the real guy you are dealing with. They basically screengrab from other guys (even reverse search on google does not show up). One of them even had the opportunity to chat with guys that supposedly worked in the same company, his hoaxed was even able to supply photos of wedding ceremonies that he supposedly attended. They probably went around an collected an archive of life-style photos.
I’ve been in active conversation with plenty of us, being-scammed-ladies to know this. Even the Hong Kong police indicated “Do not send me anymore photos!!” in his email.

(She asked for my hoax’s account number)
They have plenty of account numbers to go around.
I personally transferred to 2 accounts, both were from different HSBC account. Was pending to transfer to the 3rd account when I got my verification from Lippo Securities and decided to called him out bluff. (when I asked him whose account those were, he said its the finance department that arranged it, he isn’t sure).
There was another lady, transferred to 4 different accounts, 3 from HSBC and 1 from another China bank.
There was a single mom (yes, even single mom, they would scam) its another China account too.
So it doesn’t matter the name of account holder or account number.

To help you verify, you may email the company he says he is representing to verify his identity, to find out if he works for that company. That was what I did. (I know it feels as though its distrust, but no. its protecting yourself. You owe it to yourself to figure out)

As you have noticed from my blog, my policy looked really legitimate too. Unfortuantely, it is not. Lippo securities cleanly deny any relationship with my scammer.

I was supposed to fly to Hong Kong to meet him. He managed to postpone and not meet me saying its part of the contract obligation.

The other lady, he was suppose to fly in to SG to meet her, she went to airport to pick him on the actual day, waited for 3 hours, no show. His “colleague” later contacted her to say he was held back by immigration.

The lady with the 4 account numbers, the 4-times transfer were for: 1. Initial investment. 2. Tax payable 3. Stamp and duty fee 4. Overseas outflow fee. – Just sharing how they will cheat you.

So please don’t send him any money. Cease contact is the best option.

I thought I should carry on chatting with him to stall time for the police and get more live information. It took longer than expected time for the police to respond. Its pointless and it is just conditioning our heart to not trust man (worthy man, included).

Again, please don’t send him any money. Cease contact is the best option.

I hope its not too late for you, that you havent already transferred money to the scammer.
There are a few channels for you to report to should you be a victim.
1. Your local (specific to country) police.
2. The country your supposedly scammed policy/investment company is from. – IF its from Hong Kong like in my case, (1) Hong Kong Police and the (2) Securities Future Commission.
3. Your local bank (or the bank you’ve transferred money from)
4. The receiving bank (or the bank you’ve transferred money to)

Do not suffer in silence. Lodge a report. Do something about it. Its important to have paperwork, Leave a trail. In a way, that helps you should there be chances that you could get your money back (although its really low chances since its voluntary transfer). 🙁


As I said on a facebook post, “Whats wrong with the world? One human being scamming another human being.”…

We are all born with different deck of cards. Its what we do with it that matters.


thanks for coming by,


Be Bless,

P/S: Its really disgusting when I see my scammer’s Line account profile photo changing from one to another. Its like using that same number, changing 3 different identities, I wonder scamming how many girls.

PP/S: Its pretty disgusting too, when scammer use a similar userid on 2 separate occasions to message me. Its either they think I’m really dumb, or they are just out to remind me of how dumb I was.

Peace out.