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How shld weekend be like?

How should weekend be like?

Is there a series of recommended event, schedule that I can follow?
Is there a sample structure?

Why is that even a question?

Weekend should just be weekend.
No structure,
No how it should be.

Kinda wrecks me to have my weekend pass me by, passing by in a less productive manner compared to my weekdays.

That shakes me from within.
Is it true then that I’m more productive at work than living life?

Amanda.. Amanda..
Life is more than just productivity or work…

How then can I learn to just chill and learn to relax and not be involved.
Just do things spontaneously and be unplanned.

Perhaps a random backpacking trip?

Living life spontaneously…

Spontaneity Takes Work!
Whoever said being spontaneous was easy, obviously hasn’t tried improv comedy. It’s easy to get so caught up in plans and schedules, that when the structure is removed, you fall on your feet. There are so many elements of life that can’t be captured in a to-do list, so it pays to know how to improvise.

How to Be More Spontaneous
Spontaneity is not the opposite of planning. This was my key breakthrough in order to make sure my life was both fun and productive. Improvising has many of the same prerequisites that you use in your scheduled life, just with a twist.
The opposite of spontaneity is cowardice. Fear, not planning, is the real barrier to improvisation. It isn’t your day planner that keeps you from saying hi to a stranger, it’s your fears. Where productivity requires discipline and organization, spontaneity requires courage and openness.


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Pretty Woman

Watched the later half of Pretty Woman on TV recently.
And I thought I really should buy the DVD.
Its nice, and I really would like to own a piece of that sentiment.

Although ultimately its very simple, its about love, or falling in love,
theres so many message beneath it.

“yup, it’s that straight forward. but also comes the part of social status, one’s demeanor and one’s character, how it influences the other and changes his life.

it’s like opposite attract, but these opposites are very extreme.

and then again, so much for analyzing the characters and plot, its ultmately..

falling in love.

😀 so dreamy.”

I look forward to the day when I will stand like that, with these blings. And walk beside a man that truely deserve my companionship.

“like the rich guy, the heart is truly in love. But the lifestyle, the mindset, is not ready to be aligned with what is expected of him. Until he decides to take action.

and who would be like the girl, ready to give up the ready luxuries, to go and chase for the unknown, or what that might have an inkling of the present lifestyle.”



Sometimes, Oldies are really goodies.



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Passion vS Manpower

It’s been said that a person without passion is as good as a walking zombie, I strongly believe in that. Passion gives a person life and makes a person unique. I am passionate about communicating with people. I am passionate about making things work.

and then theres the other side of me.

I re-visited this In My Own Words segment a couple of weeks after I first posted it up and I realize that its so un-telling. 😀 I laughed. True Story.

Anyway, In My Own Words, communication is my strength, I believe in being happy and doing what one loves to do. Appreciates a good random laugh but often too serious to realize it.

If a quote ever tells you anything, perhaps these 2 would suffice.
1) Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. – Princess Diaries

2) All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players – William Shakespeare.

Actually, the world’s a stage, you are the lead. There’s no retakes, there’s no NG. One show. Live it.

So text me for a good chat, hang on a little, lets see how far this acquaintance can go.

Okay,  the text above is my profile intro in most of my dating site, in-fact that 1st para is in my blog intro too.  Was reading it when I thought I should address that I’ve changed…

Yar, I’m still passionate about things.
But really back then, I’m like all in and everything about it.
These days, I think I wanna move towards being involved but in a time-in and time-out way.

A person’s value and principle doesn’t really change unless there is a defining moment.

I don’t see defining moments thus far. But whats changing would be how i’ll be dealing with things from herein. Or at least hope to..

🙂 I want to be on top of situation and not be overly involved again.
Like what happened in my previous job, (although also occurs partially because of physical burn out. )

It’s when one gets overly involve in things, too immersed in it, get carried away, be an insider too deep that one’s opinion and views get clouded (being objective somehow seems to be thrown out of the window.)

No doubt being involved is important. No doubt being about the item is important.

But I began to realise, there’s always a need to pull out, rest and not be involved for a while. Like leave it be after working hours. Leave it be during lunch hours.

Perhaps somewhat like retreat, these rest hours, or this form of un-involveness can help one to see things better. Perhaps in another point of view.

Maybe that’s y we see bosses so zen?

Anyhow, I think I can write this post better.

“I’ll be back!” *speech in Arnold style. 😀

I’m back!

Actually, the text below is not really a passion thing, it’s more like manpower allocation and really doing what one is good at.

Went by to a coffee house one day. The barista who owns the shop won plenty of awards and is really good in his art.

But being his business, he handles everything. The Purchasing, the Sales & Marketing and most of all, Brewing and Preparing that cuppa.
He commented that he works 18hours a day.

I feel that we as human cannot work too hard. Whether is it on things that we love or just to bring back the money. Because we will slowly began to hate the things we do once we begin to burnout.

Just like e Barista. How good it is then if he could focus all the energy on what he does best, preparing that cuppa.. And let someone else handles all the rest of the stuff.

I think that cuppa would then go a very very long mile for him. 🙂

Trust? Resources? Or just didn’t think and understood things that way?
I don’t know. What about you? Do you enjoy what you do? Or is ur strength being taken away, distracted by the other things thought necessary?

Letting people do what they are good in…

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