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Macadamia Cheesecake

A little closer to home, went by to delicious @ Scotts Square the other day with @xysg.
There was a little hiccup initially, but everything is ironed out smoothly thereafter.

and Ladies and Gentleman,
I must! must! must! rave about their Macadamia Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Macadamia Cheesecake here is superb!! Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo! *the macadamia nut is well roasted w a layer of not-too-sweet candy. the cheese cake is just nice, feeling the gentle sweetness. :)~ -approve- delicious@Scotts Square

That was my comment when I first tried it. Yup, it totally did it for me. 🙂

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Rapid KL

While people are suffering from Trains breakdown in Singapore, I was trying out the Rapid KL (MRT system in Malaysia/KL) while on my trip in KL. ^^v

That’s the “Golden Coin” you’ll need to purchase should you not have their transport card. Couldnt find my photo of the vending machine. so sorry…

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Top of The World @ Pinnacle@Duxton w Shutterjourney Singapore

Went by to Pinnacle@Duxton to shoot long exposure w Shutterjourney Singapore.

I didnt check the batteries before rushing out to work, so….

These photos are taken with my iPhone, bought a long exposure app last minute, but still, shaky hands, no compatible w iPhone tripod hence bad photos….

Anyway, these are the post-processed photos from iPhone apps such as Instagram and Path.

The Original on iPhone: iPhone 4 ISO1000 f2.8 1/15 no pp

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Savour – a Michelin experience

Was chatting with a friend about his new event’s project called “Savour” a Food expo, ‘cept that this time, this one is alot more atas and classy

In a quick and precise way, its:

Singapore’s newest gourmet festival. 16 award-winning chefs from Michelin-star and world’s top 100 restaurants. 50 signature dishes from $6-$21. FREE chef master classes, tastings and culinary workshops. World produce at the Gourmet Market.

We’re talking about Michelin-star and really food-art, like worth way more than the ticket price kind of thing.

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Gelish Manicure

I did Gelish manicure recently!

I like it.
I dont know what is Gelish about, google for it and I get is advertorials or blog entries from people that seems really happy of their manicure. This is the closest I can get to perhaps a more neutral explanation.

Gelish is a soak off gel nail product that applies similar to regular nail polish, but lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping or fading.

Gelish is a UV nail gel that is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel. Gelish nail gel is similar to other UV soak off nail gel systems, such as Shellac or OPI Axxium. Nail gels can be applied to your natural nails, without causing the damage of acrylics. Nail growth with nail gels is covered with a fill-in coat, similar to acrylic nails. The product is brushed on like regular nail polish.

Read more at Suite101: What are Gelish Nails? |

So I did mine too, as it is shown above, I did french style, cos my dearest Kim is fully booked in these upcoming week, so I’ll better do something that is lasting into Chinese New Year , and even if it starts to strip, it isnt too obvious or unglam, so I thought of French.

Information online says it’ll last 3 weeks without chipping or fading.
I guess thats the coatings for Gelish nail polish itself.

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Backpacker’s Hotel KL – Ribbon Stayyz

Went by to KL recently for a short getaway, away from Singapore before 2012 begins, UniSIM begins… *Yawnz…

Stayed at Ribbon Stayyz Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse.

I’ll say its not so bad for a first-timer. Especially considering I always do hotel when I’m overseas.

Its like literally above a 24hrs convenience shop. You walk a flight of steps down to the convenience shop.
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