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Leadership Files

The Leadership Files – Ps Phil Pringle

“If you only do what you can do, then you’re only ever going to do what you can do!

But, if you start to do what you cannot do, you’ll find you can do what you cannot do.
And what you absolutely cannot do, God will do, or a team of incredible people will, who are attracted tot he person attempting to do what he cannot do.
Don’t imagine God will ask you to do what you can do!
He asks you to do what you can’t do.
Then you’ll need Him to do it!
But you’re the one who starts the impossible dream.
No one, not even God, gets inspired by the mediocre.
Attempt the impossible, ignore the critics, attract the best and accomplish the unbelievable!”
I found this a helpful thought from a risk-taking leader.
I love it – Now I want to live it!