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Quality Time

Had the opportunity to buy breakfast for the brother and his sick girlfriend

Ate breakfast together and spent much time sharing how my brother was when he was young.

How I popped his teeth with a PushPop when he was young, he ended up crying while I was laughing. 😀 (still giggling while typing this)

How he placed non-routine stuff into his mouth… 😀

How he and the girlfriend would compare the waiting time that they spent on each other. 😀

I’m gonna watch a movie with them later, its my brother who initiated it. 😉

Quality time is important. Sow into people’s life. Establish a connection. They are not around forever.

Be Bless,

|#shooturtweeple @Little India Edition|

Went with a couple of new friends to Little India for some shooting.
It was awesome!

As usual, it’ll be photo flood when the full set is up, so pls toggle over to the

#shooturtweeple_Little India Edition page 🙂

Heres the link in case it didnt work (highly impossible):

Posts from bottom up on that page.

Part 1: Tweepers – Blog on some of the super-duper awesome shots of the people~

Part 2: Residents – Blog on the people that makes Little India Little India

Part 3: Everything Else – Blog on Everything Else that didnt fit into the above two categories


Be Bless

|Giant Lantern @ Vivocity|

Remember I mention about doing non-routine thing at Vivocity? 😀
and it is closely related to:

so here we go. 😀

Just how many people would take photos with this Giant Lantern within say 1hour?

I had time while waiting for a friend to arrive so I sat there and shot people shooting with the Giant Lantern.

Guess What, I counted. 😀

64 within 54mins!

Which means about 1 per minute, thats a good investment by Vivocity I would say.

Anyway, lets make it a little fun and do a little stats. (all stats are for that 54mins that I was observing and shooting, within my view)

Click on over to the page to see them~

Disclaimer: no offense to those that are being shot in the photos.
Please feel free to drop me a note if you would like ur photos removed. 🙂

Thanks for coming by,

The too-much-time-on-hand-then photographer.
Why So Serious?

P/S: Click to see album


Went out with 2 pros (Geng Hui and Choo Wee)  to do some shooting at Vivocity n Sentosa, so this entry is on Vivocity only, check out the Sentosa ones in the next entry.

Courtesy of my cousin, I reach there very early, so early that I had the time to do some non-routine things. 😀  you’ll will know in the entries to come.

Tweeted much about the weather there, super stressed cos it seems as though it is going to rain.

Didnt help when I saw CROWDS being directed to sit at the amphitheatre in anticipation to get to Sentosa.

– the newspaper the day after says that the crowd was for the IR 😀 –

Having 2hours in hand, I went around snapping whatever that caught my eyes.
Snapping snapping when i realize that I’ve cast my work and school off my mind.
Like I say in a tumblr quote, “The power of Focus, What is that one thing on your mind now?”

A Giant Lantern has landed at Vivocity (pss… that non-routine thing is closely related to this)

the giraffes nearby

He stood there for over 10mins pointing at the same direction. I wonder whats he shooting…

Saw this guy, he was just sitting there… I felt very captured by his body language and it came on to me:

May I have a moment of your time?

skyline in lomo

a… there you are.

and then we went for dinner before crossing over to the other island 🙂

Next Stop, Lightings at Sentosa.

Be Bless

P/S: click to see the album

mine’s half full.

🙂 Day 2 w/o Marilyn
Not that bad actually, only the idea of unidentified numbers eks me. 😀

but well, nothing cant be solved.
Still working on assignment. Book is cleared, next up the article, but gonna nap first before coming up with the essay.

The weather is so warm out there, feels like its 35degrees.
Had the sudden thought of drinking tea, warm tea, turns out it was good! 😀
makes sense actually,

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