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TOTD 28/2/12 “and complete our day”

“But I had followed our routine everyday: walking down from Guy’s Campus at 5:30 in the evening, down Southwark Street, up Stamford, turning right at the IMAX and up Waterloo Bridge-our bridge-the strengthening smell of the Thames filling my lungs with anticipation, my feet quickening in step with my heart as I hoped to see you hurrying from the other side in your DKNY shirt and Gap khakis to meet me at the halfway mark and complete our day.”

– The Strange Tale of An Incorrigible Expat Playboy short stories, Shaina’s Inbox, Sandeep Shete

and complete our day.

Thought of The Day
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Rina’s Aquathon!

So proud of my girl Hasrina for completing her Aquathon within her targeted time!

that gorgeous laugh. 🙂 sincerely hers.

She’s actually an ex-colleague, and it happens that I have time cos I’m freelancing. Accompanied her to do some swimming, occasional visit to Sentosa.

She didnt allow her friends or family members to go support her.

But I decided to try my luck. and Hey! 😀 She allow me to go.

😀 I’ll probably be dead after the swim. the whole item was 750m swim + 5km run..

I missed event photography. The previous Starhub Urban FreeStyle race was good.
The only time when the interaction that comes from adrenaline of dealing with people is more than beneficial and essential.

and of course, must have good gear!

Still cant decide btw getting a good compact or upgrade my current babies.

Meanwhile, I really should work on exercising.

Make it work Amanda


and once again! Congrads Girl! So proud of you!!


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

Shopping @ Pavilion KL

So I went KL, discovered a little bit of some stuff in the Pavilion KL

I always know Cotton On as a clothes retail, turns out they also sell some pretty neat stuff, like paper crafts and small frames.

theres this dessert stall called “Snowflake” originated from Taiwan


and then theres this “Shi Hao Wu Tong” (not within Pavilion though)

Apparently its a foodcourt open by this rich guy who gathered and house all the stalls that sells the food that his parents LOVED!

SG has the “Malaysian food street”, this one is “My Family’s Favourite Food Foodcourt” Pretty cool.

The foursquare checkin says the Japanese burger is pretty good.

:/ I am not very sure about that…

a real cool DC Store!!!!!!!

Cutey mascot!

I wanna go travel again! Anyone wanna sponsor me? 😀

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Petronas Tower @ KLCC!

I’ve been to the Petronas Tower at KLCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I so excited? Cos I’ve been to KL the previous time and I didnt have the chance to go.
And its like a really good photography spot. 😀
Well, I didnt bring my camera though.

But show you photo~

Okay, maybe it looks more magnificent at night…

and there are nice spots at the area

Oh OH! I was walking in KLCC when I notice a toilet sign

Why do we have to pay for toilet in a major shopping mall (besides the idea that alternative non-payment ones)
Turns out… there were rape cases in their toilet 🙁
Dont wanna dwell too much into that, google it if you absolutely have to know.

But regardless,
I’ve been there!

I look forward to visiting whatever thats left of the 12 Apostles in Australia.

Thanks for coming by!

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JB Premium Outlets

Went by to JB for a short trip recently. A stone throw away to the Premium Outlets at JB

Johor Premium Outlets
Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim


Think its really nothing to scream about.

No sweat, it looks like that. Big space, brown bricks, little shops outlet.

I’m not a shopping or branded goods fanatics, but the friends that went with me knows their stuff.
So heres the feedback I’ve gathered.

1) The pricing is really just like the Singapore Sales Season.
2) ‘cept that you dont have to squeeze with people, more spacious.
3) Dont really have to queue for dressing rooms
4) Dont really have to “fight” for sizes
5) You’ll still get the Malaysian style of service, where “conversation with my colleague is far more important to meeting your needs/serving you

1) Most guys can shop for the sports products
2) Adidas brings in current products
3) Nike does it like it’s factory outlet, not so much of its current products more of the mass product kind.

I dont shop for clothes much when I’m overseas, generally I would go hunting for shoes. 😀

Went in to Charles and Keith and Pedro. So they have these shelves of fixed promotion prices and other different priced items.
Cheapest I saw in both shops are going for Ringgit at $49.90

I got my steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Pedro’s 4inch at Ringgit$49.90 each, thats like SGD$20


Thats just plain lucky, cos its hard to find styles I like and shoes my size. Size 10/11.

So after the shopping, my beloved Iris and I went for food.

They have a huge food court there. Too crowded for our liking.
Nice Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurant.
Cant really decide, but in the end we went to this Western food restaurant. George and Dragon Cafe.

We saw the setting, so thought the food should be quite okay..

But it wasnt, its… we might as well eat at the food court.

Ringgit$22+ for 8 pieces of Calamari…

Their Sherwood chicken, not worth the money and its like the same slab of chicken with different sauces for the different dishes.

If you are just there for tea and to rest the legs, then its okay

Nice big pot for about Ringgit$8?

But you can always go to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream if a nice break is called for.

That Premium outlet visit, the shoes were the perk, the restaurant. nah.

Probably will go back again to get shoes 😀

This was available at the entrance

the website also provide some information on how to get there. 🙂

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