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Life is what you want it to be; no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances.
While there are many out there who blames situations and circumstances, I believe in taking hold of things that happened and having it my way. Many have spoken about the paradigm of choice, I participate in that too.

I don’t think fate and destiny is within my control. I believe that what I thought I changed could afterall still be part of the big plan.

A lot of things are beyond our control, no one should be obligated to handle situations as such. Theres always someone of higher authority or better equipped.

I am passionate, I enjoy being involved entirely and being totally absorbed. However, I realized that as I age, a lot of things didn’t matter anymore.¬†Happiness is simplicity. ¬†Did I lost my passion? Nope, I think I just got better at knowing what is important.


Amanda is in love with life.

Follow me as I live my life, this little piece of work in progress, this little piece of life.

Email: avnjl(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg


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