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The adventures of SuperIndo continues…



those are eels.. or catfish. God knows..

😀 Its like a mini Shing Song, yeah well, Shop & Save right. 😀
Although I take photos of them, I have absolutely no idea how to process them.


except the edamame though. YES! They have it like that. and its pretty cheap! *MuAHHahaHAHA

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I woke up at 4:30am on a Saturday morning…
5:30am in Singapore time.

My mind is super active by the time it hits 6am…


I have no idea what time the supermarket opens (and surprisingly their website don’t have an answer to that)

and I… am all over the place. 😀


Got to do something about this “nasty habit” of the “perpetual need” to accomplished whatever I have intended to do. Its not just doing it, its the sequence of having it done.


I know I wanna go to the supermarket, then settle lunch, then do whatever marking or whatever online stuff I had intended to do.
So having woke up this early, not knowing what time the supermarket opens. I was super restless.
I have absolutely no interest, whatsoever to blog or do work, nor am I in the mood to exercise or do cooking.
I want to go to the supermarket before anything else, and it shall be like that.

Good Lord…
its not like the supermarket will run away. Its not like I would die without the ginger or the garlic.


Haiz…you get the picture.
But on the bright side, accomplishing things and sticking to the plan is a good habit. So.. *pat pat*


and yes, I wake up at 4:30am, falls asleep by 9pm.. which is Singapore 5:30am, 10pm. :/
Yes, Technically, I have no life.


Then again, I’ve never felt more at ease with myself. 🙂
Perhaps its because I have my own place and although its only grocery shopping, I feel “addressed”. Like meeting the inner need. 🙂


I do club and drink and go cafes and restaurants when necessary.
But truth is clubbing and drinking is just a form of entertainment, socializing and presenting to people that I have a “life”.


Doing up the place, walking down the aisle in a supermarket recharges me. 😀
Oh I am so low maintenance. 😀 Ha! What the hell man.


I still need my Iris to zen with me at cafes.


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Lock Out…

I got locked out of my apartment!


Yup, I most gloriously did!

Because I left my Indonesia key pouch in Singapore.
All the keys thats for use in Indonesia…
Including the key that is use to unlock the padlock on the luggage.

Such a big boo boo isn’t it…
Anyway, thank goodness I was scheduled to return the following week and could get the maintenance people to replace my lock.

Had to hand over my identification card for warranty and am so bless that there as a chinese who could speak Bahasa Indonesia to help me translate while I was stuck, waiting at the lobby.

Praise the Lord!



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Baby on Craft


the time has come…

For me to sit next to a pregnant lady, with a baby on an aircraft!!!!!!

Good Lord!!

But Praise the Lord! the baby wasn’t so much of a nuisance. 😀

Although the baby was cute, I sure did witness how the mummy became “cute-tified” to bring out that smile in the child. 😀 Good Lord… Will I be like that when its my turn?

But I wonder how to children react to air pressure change, okay, maybe not react, cos most of them would probably cry.

I believe in the pinch nose, blow air backwards, towards the ear canal tactic. But how to teach babies to do that? So poor thing. Pain, cry. :/

Anyway, until then lar huh. 🙂


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Children’s Day ’13

Children’s Day!!!


I hate balloons!!!!


okay, that aside~
They actually had magic shows, acrobats, special items by teachers and principal and even mascots to come by.





As another teacher said, Patrick had a tummy tuck. 😀 *ridiculous! but funny still.


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So I took a short break and went back home recently.

Guess what..


I came back to my apartment and there was no water!!! I was stunned….
Cant be that my utilities were not paid…

So I called for maintenance, and after THE wait, an “engineer” came up.

He came in, asked what “Mati”? Kinda like their way of speaking to foreigners in the attempt to communicate. Cos we as foreigners who dunno Bahasa Indonesia really can get clueless in the chain of “whatever that comes out of their mouth”



so.. I mention “air” which meant water.

Guess what he did…

He checked out my apartment and strolled gracefully to my toilet. He flushed.


I knocked on the closet and I’m like… “Its a water tank, of course there is water.”

Then he smiled, went to try the other outlets.

Then he strolled back out and did something.
I happened to be standing at the basin; turning the knob. Water flowed.

I was yeah! So Happy!
I got curious, what did he do…
so I went out and take a look, and he pretended, “oh nothing, theres nothing out there.”

I notice the golden knob, See knob on the right, twisted it, came back in to turn on the tap, water stopped flowing.
went out, twisted it again, came in, turn on the tap, and water started flowing again.

OH! so thats the trick.

He did the paperwork and he left.

I was glad the water came back and I didn’t think too much.

Then a few hours later. It dawned on me….

Bloody hell!! He treated me like I dunno my way around my place, like I’m a silly goon isn’t it… I am not suppose to have known water tank has water?

That the knob was suppose to control the water supply?

Okay, maybe the water supply knob I really didn’t know.

But the water tank… that is pathetic man. :/

If I was nasty and didn’t really need to depend on them, I would have lodge a complain.
You do not treat me like an idiot.

That is discrimination. I may not know your language, but my brain works.


SO upset.

Anyway. Its fine.

and turns out… someone played a prank on my “golden tap”.
Pun intended.


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Speaking of traveling… I set a vision for myself. I want to take a photo of the 12 apostles before it becomes dunno how many apostles left. 😀

and was sitting in a car the other day, was pretty provoked by myself. Or probably the bus, after a meal w Iris, and I felt it in my heart.
I shall go to Paris and visit the Eiffel tower as a graduation celebration after my UniSIM.


Yup, UniSIM…. Its not going to be easy, hadn’t been, neither will be.

😀 and on that note, nobody said anything about not going before the graduation. 😀



Hmm… and I was strategizing, you know the French speaking people, they kinda not appreciate people trying to speak English to them? 😀
Okay! I shall speak in Chinese the whole time that I am there. 😀


Or maybe Bahasa Indonesia.



ANyway. 😀 Just saying.


Where do you envision yourself to go?


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My AH BOY P.O.P LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Super proud of him!!!!!!!!!


*clap clap clap clap clap*






He’s the young man on the left.

on the right is my neighbor, my sister and I have been hanging out with their family since we were really young.

the eldest in their family is of the same age as my sister.

the youngest in their family is of the same age as me. 😀


So when my brother arrives is like having another baby brother to the family.

So nice right. 😀


I remember how the youngest boy in their family and I use to race down the stairs to go to the nearby market. 😀
in our slippers and the glory of the flip flops slapping the stairs. Hahaha! those were the days.
and now my ah boy has “graduated” from the basic military training. I am so damn proud!!!!

*clap clap clap clap clap*


thats a very big achievement as part of being a Singaporean. 🙂
and I do think army is a time when the boys get buffed up to be more man. 🙂


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Be Bless


P/S: he is going Phuket, I remember I mentioned, after his whole army stint, which I believe is suppose to be 2 years, I’ll take him to Bangkok to pick up work attire. 🙂


Adaptors… Adaptors… Adaptors…


That is obviously a photo taken in Singapore.

But I realize, you see that plug thingy on the right. Its more than just an adaptor, its more like an extension to people like this shop owner and even people in my household.

We don’t use it to so much convert a different countries’ plug to a local plug, *okay, we do the 3-pin to 2-pin thing, but erm..

hmm… i brought the suited-for-Indonesia adaptor over, but guess what, my kettle and hairdryer cause the electricity supply to trip. So damn tripped that its not just within the apartment, the electric supply was “cut off” from the mains itself. :/


anyway. 🙂 I’m glad I have the resources to pick up the necessary appliances locally. 🙂



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