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Feeling a tad gloomy lately, but still sparkling! :D

Feeling a tad gloomy lately, but still sparkling! :D
Feeling a tad gloomy lately, but still sparkling! :D

Feeling a tad gloomy these days…

Probably the weather, probably the days ahead, probably the mood swing, probably…..
Don’t know, Dont really care. Just know that I need to snap out of it.
The best way to, is to write to myself, I realise. Reflective exercises are always good. To be set on path, to know and be crystal clear. To Re-centre (as google maps would say) To just be happy and alive. Live life…
Okay, I’m just blabbering already.

Think Amanda is gloomy because its time for change again. I know right… no one likes change. At least not me. Or you know I’m way too comfortable here.

I can still remember the initial year when I came, didnt really share that I was abroad, didnt really reveal where I’m working at – more for the privacy of the children actually. Now, to the stage where I would share photos of location at times. Openly tag my home and the nearby mall location. :) Its been a blissful coming-to-4-years.
Bringing along the need to come up with Character Reference letter and searching for a new job. *sulk*

ok ok enough of being gloomy.

The plans ahead.
I dont know actually. Was suppose to stay on for one more year, but due to changes in certain polices and recent events, just felt that its time to go. To leave here, or at least the school.
I think I might come back to Jakarta to teach. Its a good place – for an expat like me.

I really learnt tons about myself after being here. The beauty of being alone. The tireness of flying alternate weekends at times. The beauty of sleeping 10hours 2 weekdays a week during the PMS season. Understanding the effects of PMS on the body. Understanding what keeps me rooted. Understanding what I want. Understanding that money is not everything.

Which reminded me. I was undecided about whether to stay and finished that 1 year or work that 1 more year in some other countries.

After that recent scam, I know it is imperative that I find love and settle down, soon. :D Was telling myself I should go back to Singapore and be available there. Thats the way to be attached and settle down isnt it. But deep in my heart, I was like but back in Singapore, the payscale will not be on par with the current I’m getting…
Then I reminded myself. Money is a powerbase. If you can ignore it, it will not be used against you. You can be set free to do the things that you want to do.
That was a good answer. I feel.

and obviously, by going back to Singapore, it doesnt necessary mean I will be able to “find love and settle down” :D

But well, It is still one step.

So… 1 more year.. to go or not to go?

Dont know, dont want to know, just keep sending resume I guess. :D

Any takers? :D

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

I think I know the answer..

Whatever that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

It’s been a season of head-over-heels, back-breaking, sleep-deprived, responsibilities-overload, Ridiculous-complaints, but patience-growing, body-understanding, spine-alignment, better-health and death-defying season.

:D damn drama, this Amanda.
Seriously, these words cannot even begin to describe what I have gone through these 2 months.

Started with the chiropractic treatment, turns out I have non-textbook categorized scoliosis (basically it’s not so bad that it cld categorize as that, but neither is it so mild that it’s negligible), I have 2 2nd phase degeneration (takes over 10yrs to develop) (a bit too young for that) misalignment in the spinal area between my shoulder blades and lower back (think slipped disc). my neck is a little too straight for my own good.
That means, I need to stop wearing heels so that the 50yrs old will thank me. need to go for adjustment 3 times a week for first 3mths n whatever follows follows, which amounts to nerve hyper-sensitivity, which I felt caused the REM images to be so vivid, and light sleep becomes consciousness (for the past 2 months). I have no life, n as a form of therapy, the heart wld induce the body to cook (for others) therefore further reducing rest time (cooking! the marketing, the cleaning, the smell.. heavenly but not good for a open concept studio, at the same time)

on and we top it up with demands at work. well, everyone faces them. except that this happen to be a real tight semester w Prefects training n investiture at the same season. did I mention about how effective and on time some Indonesian ppl are? but well, the training went fine, the investiture was over, many thanks to great people that are involved.

the usually don’t come at all PMS hormones swing that is regulating and therefore pretty on-the-ball these 2mths? nobody likes to deal with hyper-happiness in the mind on 1 day (bcos the events for that day went well, PRAISE THE LORD!) and tearing the next bcos the family members n loved ones of the finalist for master chef came n visit (so touching! u know! family support! how long have they not seen each other and how much it meant to them. … )

oh, did I mention the still-unknown cause of the inflammation/rash at the back of the left knee, thigh? cld have been the seats of the flight, or attack frm “tomcat” insect, known to have caused death, w poison 12 times more potent than snake bites.  the traumatizing effects of seeing a muscular, well-sculpt female leg (nice thigh n calves btw) plague with a bigger than palm-sized, ugly, red-black-peeling-dark grey patch. yes, I absolutely love my legs. but praise the Lord, besides the discoloration it’s not giving me any problems now.

pic1of3 pic2of3 pic3of3

all these…

and frequent flying, of 6 times in that 2 months. I really don’t like flying, but I’ve found ways to cope w it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Wanted to do the Serenity Prayer for the longest time. set it as my wallpaper.
I knew that the thigh is pretty much the only reasonable space for the next tattoo.
didnt get around to doing it bcos I was thinking, next time cellulite develops, it will look bad..

with that patch, forget it man, there’s no uglier thing that could happen to my legs. so there we are!
even had a whole dilemma to put leopard or not, same, it’s something I wanted. but obviously didn’t happen.

it’s the term break, since I’m not going anywhere (other countries/state as a holiday break) I really should do something that I had wanted to do. :)

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, the wisdom to know the difference.”

I wonder how old I wld be when the next finds itself on me. From the mind to the body.

thanks for coming by.

Be Blessed

p/s: did I mention I’m doing dental braces, next? :D sure am thankful I am fit n strong, not weak and dainty.

That Queer Feeling


I woke up this morning and in a state of semi-consciousness, I got reminded of a kid… one of the students I taught in the first class I took in JKT. Those really smart kids.

Shes the one that led a cake-in-a-cup activity during Home Economics CCA, shes also the one that got it bad from me bcos of a April Fool’s prank. She apologize immediately after the class-lecture about the trick.

April Fool’s day, perhaps kids will put stuff on the chair, behind the door whatever whatever.
If its something minor thats fine.
But this team..

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JKT Cookies

I’m not a particular fan of Cookies, because its basically all flour and sugar. Carbs, carbs and sugar.


The other time, my property agent came with his peeps and ingredients for 4 grand burger. Guess what got left behind.

Yup… Butter….. or Margarine I think. that yellow block of processed milk and whatever that is in it.
and then there was that half used pack of flour from the Home Econs class I was conducting
and raisins and walnuts that I bought sometime about as snack and as add-on for lunch salad.
VoaLA! the ingredients required for a cookie treat!

Oh, no egg or sugar or vanilla essence though.

and… that 3 packs of milo powder thats due next month.

I know… I didnt sieve the flour..

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That crush..

That crush… *giggle giggle giggle*
Yes I do giggle in real life. So not my age right…. ar.. well…

I have absolutely no intention to tell him, cos its obviously a season thing. Don’t know why? You got to read the previous entry.

Anyway, I was cooking and a thought came to me…
I should tell him what I like about him, what got me attracted?
Then it hit me, I shouldn’t.. :D cos its gonna be awkward, no matter how matured we are at handling it.
and of course Amanda has changed. :) I would do it in the past, but I’m not val now. :)

It hit me. Its actually a very beautiful to do, to share with another about why you like him or her.
Cos really, how many persons in this world would spend time, attention, energy and just appreciate a person for who he/she is?

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That stroll…

Jakarta’s traffic is bad…


:D I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of this.
I’m in the north, so its not so bad actually. Its bad usually in the centre and south.

This entry isn’t exactly about bad traffic, though the picture above illustrates that little bit of it.

SO! :D I went to the mall nearby for grocery shopping. Usually its a mini-bus ride and then a cab ride back home.

I have heard of colleagues walking to and fro, like for the 7 months past at least already. But no, Amanda aint gonna do that, because the exhaust fumes and sun exposure. :D
My therapist (in SG) would probably murder me, I would not forgive myself (bcos the sun damage treatment for the face would cost me at least 300SGD per session).

So So, nope, I have not walked to or from that mall to my place.

Till that day… :D

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Multiple Conversations

So… I was involved in this really awkward conversation the other day.
Okay, actually its a series of conversation. :D

Its not my thing. A little bit of over-stimulation I would say. Cos theres just too many things going on at one time. oh well.. thats just uniquely introvert ;) none at fault.

It was a table of 5 including me.
At any one time 2 persons or 3 persons would be involved in a conversation.
and while 4 persons were talking about this part of the topic, 1 person will breakout and share with another a different perspective or angle or related part of this topic.

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