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An introvert’s holiday

Hello~~~~ I’m out on a trip again-~~

‘cept that this is a short trip and to assist ppl

I think one of the things I enjoy most being on overseas trip is being able to stay in the hotel room and watch tv. Not exactly about their  local program’s, but rather more about the English movies I can find. 😀 it’s like watching movie at the movie theatre, but more luxurious than that. I get the whole hotel room to myself and I can buy whatever snacks and fruits I want at the local convenience shop. Pillows, and bed sheet, temperature to my preference volume control and all that jazz.

But I think more than that, it’s really about the whole relaxed feel that opens room for reflection and really opportunities to think. Such creativity and to certain extend deep thoughts, are reflection, is at it’s best when one is relaxed, perhaps at peace and able to generate more a complex and meaningful thoughts and connections.
Had one from the movie Last Song while I was out in Bangkok with friends.

Okay, that’s two whole paragraph and I have yet to get into the point of this entry. 😀 i would think theres two parts to this entry, one is on the movie and the other is on being an introvert.

Let’s do the introvert one first since its a little shorter. (okay, after inserting all the extracts from the video, its not that short afterall. 😀 )


I came on this trip with a colleague, have a common purpose, not so much about leisure and travel.
So he has his plans, and I can’t really be bothered about making prior arrangement.
Both bcos I don’t really have friends here and I’m not really a shopping person,
I’m more keen on staying in the hotel room and you know, sleep, slack and watch tv (as describe above).

So comparing between my colleague and me, I’m effectively an introvert.  Cos he’s running around meeting people for business, meeting associates and networking, while me? I do my work from the hotel room and spend more time in the hotel room, way more than supposedly a person who’s on holiday would.

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Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

VrOOm  vROoM!

Doing a SHOUTOUT for my PR friend. 🙂

Mercedes-Benz B-Drive at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Celebrate the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class


§  Event: Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

§  Date: 28 – 29 July 2012

§  Timing: 28 July 12- 8pm 29 July 11am – 8pm


Make a pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event and be amongst the first in Singapore to catch a glimpse of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a compact sports tourer with outstanding aerodynamics. This agile and efficient automobile is comfortable, spacious, and combines driving pleasure with exemplary low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


The Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event will feature exciting activities designed to highlight the new B-Class’s dynamic features and technologies, with attractive prizes to be won. For more information and to register online, please visit



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Be Bless


Finally manage to take photo of my new hairstyle… 😀
Yup, I love love it!


And well, a new journey as well. 🙂

A New journey again,

Or just a new job actually. Or maybe the company isn’t that new to me, been overly familiar, just that im taking on a different role this time.

Anyway, it’s been very stretching in the current company.
And perhaps I was really physically tired hence didn’t have the mental strength to be above the situation.

Had a chat with a colleague, who’s old enough to see through it all. And perhaps bcos he is at a more senior level that’s why he could give me a 3rd persons opinion.

The issue was first on capabilities and then it rolled into trust.

So my colleague said, he doesn’t need trust to do his work.
Perhaps bcos we are in different shoes in-terms of work.

He came to the understanding that trust and relationships are very I,portent to me.
and then he asked: am I born under the star sign of cancer?

Oh my, that’s right. I am.

Turns out people under the star sign of cancer puts great importance in trust and relationship.

Then later on in the conversation, it was revealed that I’m born in the year of the ox and that further stretches the point of trust and relationship.

I wonder why…
Anyone care to share?

My understanding was that as an ox, I work really hard, and these hardworking is only worthy if I’m working for people I could trust. And that trust builds from relationship perhaps? 🙂

Let’s see if I’ll get to dig out more from him…
He wasn’t able to put a pin to it.

But this trip, it sure as hell reveals to me how much importance I put on trust… 🙂

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The revelation of Pure Double Chocolate 

Okay… This has absolutely nothing to do with the drink, it’s used as s title bcos I happen to be having that now. 😀 

Sitting at KL’s budget airline’s airport called LCCT. Low Cost Carriage Terminal maybe. 
Came by to Coffee Bean cos the other restaurants seems to be too busy and crowded for me to leave my bags alone to place my order. 🙁 the pains of travelling alone. 

I want to complain ar! No lasagna for a hungry Amanda ar…. 🙁 

Stolen from: “”

So so… Anyway, 
I sat down at a seat and a thought came to me. 
Why am I so bothered about respecting superiors… 

Okay.. Maybe not really that, but rather, 
What is it about people of higher position that invokes me to give them the respect and honour?

I realise, it’s bcos of experience. 
Why is it that papers need to be approved by people of the higher management before anything can be executed? More than just having the numbers matched and the information verified. I realise, a lot is also because of experience as well. 

The boss would have seen enough to know whether this proposed item can be executed, the foresights and the outcomes that will come from their years of experience. Not that it has to be directly the same kind of thing, but rather, things that are similar and affected by related condition. 

It triggers my chain of thoughts going ahead. 
Being in leadership position, people look to you for advise and foresights, people look to you to give guidance and provide knowhow. 

What then if you are thrust into a leadership position but do not have enough experience to support it? 
Perhaps not not enough. But just not as much as how one would wish it to be. 

That’s when considerations and lots of why comes in. 
Not saying no for the sake of saying no, but having a legitimate reason in doing so. 
Saying yes because it will truly benefit, putting thoughts and consideration about enough to consider how things will be affect. 

Why did that paragraphs came about?
Well, I had been associating with plenty of experienced people these days and I realise they are very capable of saying no, not just so they can push things away (those, I have met plenty too). But rather really saying no bcos there is a legitimate reason. 

It’s like when I am in a leadership position, will I be able to say no to things and requests that comes by that shouldnt be handled by my staff? 

When I say yes, or considers the hurdles ahead, how will my staff be affected? 

These are thoughts that needs to be regulated. 
Regulated to prevent missing opportunities, Regulated to prevent my staff from being burnt out. 

I love my Pure Double Chocolate. 

Every Vacation Is A Good Vacation…
Nope, this isn’t a vacation, I just happen to be out of Singapore.

I think these are thoughts that parents need to think through too…

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Be Bless 

P/S: I burnt out, bcos he didn’t know how to say no. I burnt out, bcos he didn’t know how to use my talents for opportunities presented. 
I thought being aware of what kind of job one wants and having a goal in life is important. Choosing the right boss turns out is as important a well.