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Being Objective

Continuing from the Group Buy experience…

Was chatting with a member of the Group Buy group. She’s someone that I felt more comfortable with, because there seems to be no drama with her or at least less drama and hassle with her. Probably because she’s too busy also.

She was just answering me objectively. So objectively that it was like there was no way she will back down and see what I was trying to tell her. Of course I didnt try to push my way through to bring out my point. 😀 and therein lies the lesson.

Being objective is good, cos being subjective means taking things personally, and in a bias, in a way becomes a gossip. I am definitely shying away from being subjective, or associating or spending too much time with people who are subjective.

The lesson is, being objective is good, but remember, the point of a conversation is not just to present your objective or your point, but instead, its to establish a connection with the person you are talking too.
All the saying about ‘winning a fight, but losing the battle’, winning the argument, but losing the connection’.

This was actually it. Let me be the one who speaks objectively yet deepens the connection and buys people over. Have the person understand me more, vice versa.

and in the case of that conversation, I know I didnt get through to her, but her being objective, would still be open to conversations with me in the future. The conversation can still carry on, channel is still open, just the connection isnt strengthen.

Seeing things clearly, one incident at a time.

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Be Blessed

The GroupBuy Experience

I always thought I was strong, independent, fierce, able to stand up for myself. All that being good virtues.
But in the land of community group chat, nah. Especially being a new member and everyone having to have rapport built even before I came around.
I doubt who I am is bad. Probably just crave acceptance, popularity and more understanding, or at least more expressive form of understanding and acceptance. (so insecure…)

ar well… one day at a time. 🙂 So much more to learn …

What started out as gluttony for food has now evolved to more than I can ask for.

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Be Blessed