10 things about shaping up and feeling great.

10 things I learnt about shaping up and feeling great.

1. Its not about counting the calories, its about knowing what you are putting into your body. So read em’ labels
I don’t find it a smart idea to count the calories, I am not like a body-builder-careered person or make a living out of my body person, and really imagine sitting at a restaurant on your date, punching numbers on your calculator. If I’m sitting opposite that person, there probably wont be a second time really, cos the person is so anal. and life is so boring when its like that. Yes it matters, but what the hell? Why not, just be aware of what you are putting into your body? vegetables and meat. processed moderately, processed beyond recognition, unprocessed. carbos, fibres, proteins. I think thats enough. carbs = energy, un-used energy = fats, cane sugar = fats, clean intestine = better absorption of nutrients = less smell in the ladies room. Not that I do know what’s good what’s not or what most ingredients would meant to me or my body. But it’s fun to know which ones has more whatever than which ones. N you know what, those high cocoa content dark chocolate chocolate, I’m entirely blown away by the (excessive) sugar and (lack of) cocoa content in them. How did I know? I read..

2. An apple a day, doesn’t necessary keep the doctor away.
But it sure starts your day right. I eat apple everyday. like every morning. Its a breakfast routine. See the writeup on Apple vS Coffee. Maybe because I enjoy cooking, it is therapeutic to me, I don’t have a problem with waking up to peeling half an apple, slicing the apple into four, cut off the centre and base, floating them on a place of salt water and then packing them into a take away. apple + tea. thats my 6:45am (SG time) breakfast right there.

3. Lower abs is exercise, abs is what you eat.
They say 50% of abs is what you eat. That is so true. Love handles, is really because of what you eat. but that pretty looking bikini bottom, you need to exercise.

4. Blood type diet is an interesting concept.
I don’t exactly subscribe to that big time. But hey, when you stop feeling so bloated and sluggish no more, and what you had was chicken and tomato, you know something must be right about it.

5. Exercise anyway, squats is good, swimming is better
Not sure if theres anymore “calories” left to burn off for the day, before they accumulate and become fats, exercise anyway. 45mins minimal is great! 15mins expends calories too.

6. Your body weight has a set-point.
Love and accept, and then find your beauty within anyway. Learnt that through a Ted talk.

So whether you like it or not, your body weight will go up or down only within 5kg. At least until the brain recognises a new set point, which probably scientist will be able to tell you for how long you need to maintain that weight first before it becomes a set point.

I can take B.E.A.U.Tiful selfie, with the help of angles and the right lift of the lips. But when I take casual photos with my colleagues, I hate that.
I thought.. yar… my cheeks are fat.. I don’t have eyes when I smile casually, I am fat. :/ but I look so beautiful in my selfies. and it hit me… why am I not accepting my casual self? 😀 If Im not satisfied with me, and cling on to only those beautiful selfies, I can’t be whole. I wouldn’t be whole. So.. yeah… slowly… I’m beginning to allow more natural shots of me go on my Facebook tag. 😀

7. Leg lifts before sleeping shapes you legs.
If you can’t lift them independently, just do the wall support, let them shape up on its own. 🙂 its a good way to slowly train up the lower abs too.
Works esp good for me cos I do too much standing and walking, so the leg lifts allows the blood flow-back and it feels good the next day.

8. You know why they say don’t eat after 6pm?
Its just to facilitate calories expenditure and reduce unnecessary accumulation.

9. Eat when you are hungry.
Don’t ever let yourself go hungry. Okay, I would eat a banana or drink milk-based or milo when I’m hungry at 7pm. Your health is important. Gastric reveals itself in many unexpected forms. Dizzyness, abdominal pains, whatever whatever. Don’t go there.
I have insane eating routine. 6:45am, apple + tea + random breads. 9am, proper meal, brown rice + greens + white meats, 5pm/ 6pm, soupy stuff or 1/2 portion rice with veg takeaways. I do snack, but I snack only what I want, not what I have. controlled portion.

10. Screw BMI, go deal with the body fat percentage.
Nuff said.



I don’t look perfect, but, nothing excessive, and I do follow what I said, I drop 10% body fat, reduce set point by 3kg. 😉

Its a conscious choice.
Theres no ugly woman, theres just lazy woman. (well, i’m blessed w nice features, so… I may be a little bias?)


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