Went out with 2 pros (Geng Hui and Choo Wee)  to do some shooting at Vivocity n Sentosa, so this entry is on Vivocity only, check out the Sentosa ones in the next entry.

Courtesy of my cousin, I reach there very early, so early that I had the time to do some non-routine things. 😀  you’ll will know in the entries to come.

Tweeted much about the weather there, super stressed cos it seems as though it is going to rain.

Didnt help when I saw CROWDS being directed to sit at the amphitheatre in anticipation to get to Sentosa.

– the newspaper the day after says that the crowd was for the IR 😀 –

Having 2hours in hand, I went around snapping whatever that caught my eyes.
Snapping snapping when i realize that I’ve cast my work and school off my mind.
Like I say in a tumblr quote, “The power of Focus, What is that one thing on your mind now?”

A Giant Lantern has landed at Vivocity (pss… that non-routine thing is closely related to this)

the giraffes nearby

He stood there for over 10mins pointing at the same direction. I wonder whats he shooting…

Saw this guy, he was just sitting there… I felt very captured by his body language and it came on to me:

May I have a moment of your time?

skyline in lomo

a… there you are.

and then we went for dinner before crossing over to the other island 🙂

Next Stop, Lightings at Sentosa.

Be Bless

P/S: click to see the album

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  2. avnjl

    😀 thanks 😀 I actually have some others as well, should start an album n group them together huh… hmm…

    😀 unlike u I dont such travelling opportunities to take “powerful” and dramatic sunset shots lo…
    I looking forward to seeing more from you though. 🙂

    Moments, I want Moments.

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