2nd Sunday

It’s a Sunday!!!
My first Sunday alone.. 🙁
At least last week I have iris who came by to visit
Thank you iris!!

But anyway, 🙂
Sunday, both doors open, let the air flow through legs stretched and blogging. 😀


I missed blogging, or at least the way I used to blog, with the photo flood, adrenaline,
Can’t quite do that now as the speed is unsatisfactory and I could have done much things else while waiting.

Anyway, doesn’t stop me, cos I realize, blogging keeps me mentally sound. Seriously.. Like the release of ideas. Getting thoughts out. Knowing that I have people reading the blog. And even if they didn’t understand about enough, they are still here and hopefully it does enrich them.

So while others suggested for me to go visit places and you know distract myself, I realize, I’m really not the adventure and go big time, site seeing person anymore.
Or at least I got through that and am not super excited about that.

I prefer the cafe, tea, look out the window, listening to other people’s life experiences kind of person.
That keeps me going. That makes me feel happy.

There used to be a time when I asked myself why am I not with the crowd that’s staying out late into the night talking crap, laughing at random chats and I now understood why not.
Cos I am not like that.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
I am just me.

The one that takes care of myself, that I sleep enough, that I know what matters to me, that does not have to conform.

But of course, I do sweat and work out. I do watch my diet, I am still very aware of myself as a complete person. 🙂 I am still healthy, I am still,




Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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