3Generations in an office

Yeh! Thats my generation, and evermore, my brother’s generation. 😀
oki, maybe the drooping pants doesnt exactly to me.. (too sexy for me)

Oh wait… Alot of girls do that too… Hmm…

Was talking about dresscode in the previous entry when I got reminded of the “Bridging generation gaps” article on ST.

If you are employed by a big enough organization, you will notice at least three groups of people cheek-by-jowl at work-or at odds. They are the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.


Currently, senior management positions in most companies are probably filled by the post-World War II Baby Boomer generation. They are proud of their strong work ethic and personal sacrifices, and believe changing jobs would set their careers back as they would have to climb a new corporate leader. They like to be rewarded for long hours with seniority titles and big personal offices.


Climbing up the ladder behind them are the Gen X-ers generally defined as being born two decades later, or after 1965. They tend to value a better work-life balance, challenge traditions and believe that changing jobs increases their value in the employment market. They prefer flexible work schedules, and want to be rewarded with greater independence and training opportunities.


Well then, enter Gen Y.
Born in 1980s, they are the technology-savvy kids, the ones who change job frequently in search of fun, the ones who often do what they are told and nothing more. They expect job flexibility to suit their lifestyles, and want quick recognition and a say in decision-making

I tell you, for Gen Y in relation to me, she is very spot-on. 😀 not that I love to change job in search of fun, but rather, I can relate to what she say. Hmm…

Food for thought: whos your best friend in your office?

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