Apple & Vampires

Did a movie marathon last weekend, watched 2 movies back to back.

Have you watched this? Please tell me yes..
If you hadnt, try to find some way to watch it k? 🙂

Bits and Pieces of their lives.
The crude languages that youngsters use, the weird habits that people have at home.
The interaction between lovers, the childish-ness of one.
The persistence of another, the love that never bloom.
Bittersweet love that is beautiful in its process.
Bittersweet love that was worth the while.

And of course the rubbish-ness of the friends around them. 😀
The Boner, The Groin scratcher, the act suan one. Those funny characters that kept you going in a movie. 😀

😀 no need to say too much la huh.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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