Around De World

I’ve been Around De World, and came back with this fantabulous photo!


This image is actually a crop out from a full poster found in the restaurant Around De World in 12 Liang Seah Street.

Didnt expect huh? We can just be so distracted by the amount of information we received everyday isnt it?

Around De World is actually a Pasta restaurant owned by Darius which he lovingly called himself Chef D

Very clean cut

Very simple decor,

and of course, nice pasta:
Terrifying Chicken and Mushroom pasta (according to my experience there, its very popular):

Chili O’ Crab Pasta:

and they had this White Wine Prawn Pasta that was featured and their Cheesy Bolognese Fries.
Almost everyone that comes orders the fries. 😀
Hadnt had the chance to go down and review it.
Come come, if you are free, lets go together~

and their Pumpkin Carrot soup:

Damn cute 😀 Smiley face with ribbon some more.

Tetramisu, Chef D’s invention.

They call it My Style, Your Taste

So if you are around Bugis area and crave for some nice pasta and cheesy fries, do visit them 🙂

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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