BabaKing @ Expo

Had a good lunch at BabaKing

Probably because I’m hungry also ba. 😀

Let the photos justify themselves~

Above: G5 Bakwan Kepiting ($9.90)
hand-rolled crab and chicken balls.

Above: H2 Sambal Fish Spaghetti ($9.90)
Sambal fish served over spicy sauteed spaghetti

Above: C2 Fish Masak Nanas ($10.90)
Dory fillets in seafood and pineapple broth

Above: A6 Chicken Wing Kechup Manis ($8.90)
Mid-wing chicken pieces in Indonesian sauce of molasses and soya sauce

Above: B3 Duck Sioh (Chicken version) ($12.90)
Chicken in…. hmm… Peranakan sauce 😀
*sorry, description very long, go to their site n see k? 😀

Above: D7 Prawn Garam Assam ($12.90)
Prawn with egg plant and lady’s fingers in gravy

We had E6 Sambal KangKong and D5 Chili Onion Prawn as well not sure why the photos were not taken. 😀

It was good fellowship 🙂
Most of the dish were spicy, I dont really eat spicy stuff, so cant really comment 🙂

The next time u go by for any Expo Sale, do go by~ Its in-front of Hall 4 🙂

Be Bless

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