Got a call from @sidneyreuben to arrange for a meetup, So long no catch up with him, totally miss this young boy… *right… oki… 6mths younger
Anyway, so decided to meetup for a meal then go over to barcampsg to support a friend~ @mhisham

I’m very fascinated by him as a person. hmm… shall not elaborate here, but click here to find out why.
I wouldnt even realize it until… Well, go see go see.

Anyway, coming back, Whats Barcamp?
I have no idea. its like… o_O?  …   O_o? … o_O?
hmm… I shall go and experience it, thats how answers are found.

Well, from my short trip there, I gathered this.

is a series of very informal talks

oki, maybe not series, cos there aint exactly like linkage or part 1 or part 2 to it.
Its informal talks by the people that has something to say about that topic.

Like for example:

So you wanna listen to them, (in-another words, help them secure their slots to share) you got to vote for them.

How to vote?

no need ppl to man the booth, everyones involved. Listening, Speaking, Networking, Catching Up, Sharing Views, Stirring Up a Business Idea

Help yourself to be recognize by putting up a nametag~

Incidentally, when I was there, the good people from tech65.org was recording one of their podcast.
It was on Google in China, HTC Evo and US’s personal website for every citizen. (dont exactly rem is it US or UK)

It was good, sitting round on a table just sharing your knowledge, point of view. Giving valuable inputs and receiving new information which I otherwise wouldnt have even been aware of.

Reminds me of my days as a Radio DJ streaming from Winamp player linking up with MIRC channels *got crowd one hor, dont play play.

Anyway, Click on the Logo below to check out their podcast. The one that I’m involved in probably coming out in the 2nd week of Apr. 🙂

I went roaming around to see if I can get photos of interesting people.

Now heres 2 men that are passionate about their passion!

Sir Jolyon Peter Caplin (Youtube: Unijolyn) who rides on a Unicycle! *can you imagine that!!! The stature on a single wheel!! He came by to spread the news of Science Buskers festival.
and the Court Jester @mikefoong !

Of course you’re not oblighted to sit in the whole time, as they say, “when you got to go, you got to go.”

catching up outside the rooms~

*the guy in the suit is the guy that runs hackerspace.sg Salute siA! suit in this kind of weather~

So, back to @mhisham’s talk

Its like


but the music version~

Amazing I tell you, the kind of songs that @mhisham digs out… *not that I know the songs. But its fascinating how compositions n tunes has evolved.
In as much as the songs of the future seems like just another version of the past, aint that another version what that gives its acknowledgment?

Yes, me being me, I was singing with the songs that were in my era. 😀

so, ya, if you have qns,


some of the topics that caught my eyes:

and a really impromptu one

“Come on in, if you are keen and above 21.”
By @triplez82 and @dk of tech65.org

No, no, no. 😀 nothing too funky. Its afterall an open audience talk.
According to a respectable businessman,

Justin Ng xjieke Evolution on porn. Interactive 3d porn.

It was on Evolution on porn and Interactive 3D porn.

I had to go for my next appointment, so I didnt get to stay.

The whole barcamp thing, its interesting.
it throws to you all different sorts and styles of presentation and topics of all range.

Speaks volume if you are keen on listening.

Special thanks goes to SP and @preetamrai the barcamp organizer.

Sign up to speak and amaze the crowd, or just attend~ rather than just info on tv and the media lines, try something different~

Be Bless

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