Behavior & Predictability

Was just looking at a “neighbor’s” behavior and it hit me that sometimes being predictable provides the certain form of security, especially for little kids.


So there was this time  when he got onto the bus, kinda squeezed in cos there wasnt enough space, he slammed the door when he got on, he slammed the door when he got off.


he kicked the door really hard, kinda normal cos the door was stuck.


But seriously, whether there is anger or not aside.. if I’m a child I’ll be frighten. “My dad has that kind of capability and strength to do that…”


and then the next day, he lost his usual seat, he commented ” <person name>, seriously?”


I didnt remember him asking to make a reservation.



If we put both of that incident together, me as a child would be damn frighten, because, “dad blames me for things he didnt make arrangement for… and he could have beaten me up with that kind of strength…”


I hope you get my point.. just saying that, dont allow your child to ever be frighten and feel insecure.
If possible, explain and be rationale.


Children learn from your behavior. Be the father they can look up to.




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Be Bless

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