Being Single

Was just wandering through the mall waiting for my bff when I saw plenty of single guys (or at least they were strolling alone). N it came on to me that there are actually a lot of eligible guys with good character, it’s just that there isn’t enough efforts or sources to get to know them. That some of the available channels are sadly abused and misused.

There was a guy whom put up a picture of penguin (or even another of Tom Cruise) as profile picture. They said if they put up their real photo, no ladies would respond to them. I felt that is very sad. Not sad as in that that is how females are, but that they know there is an issue but they are not tackling the root of it, they are just dealing with the symptoms or it.

Here’s what I think of it, find a more acceptable picture. Find a flattering angle or a zoomed out photo, or a group photo. We are superficial, sure, but there’s only this much superficial-ness about it. After that, it’s acceptance and nobody cares.

At the same time, since one knows one isn’t pleasing enough (in the looks department), do something about it. Watch the food intake, go workout, change habits, take up a new habit, stop with the excuses. Is not looks, physic related to health of a person? Do one not want to benefit from the benefits of being healthy? Although it’s true that skinny people would also be prone to heredity illness.

Acceptance is not necessary a good thing. Sometimes blind acceptance or ignorance becomes an esteem problem.

I believe in marketing, in package.
There’s a Chinese saying, “人靠衣装,佛靠金装” loosely translated as clothes maketh a man, gold composes Buddha.
Why is there even such a saying, because that’s how it is. Deal with it.


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