Bites Big aR! *sLuRP!

Had the chance to go by to taste Pizza Hut’s new Big Bites PizzA before it’s launch on the 14th July 2010.

It was nice~ *sLuRp!

What’s interestingly different about this new PizzA is in the crust~
oKie, we’ve heard and tasted cheese fillings, no wait, triple CheeEEESSSss filling, the thick rod/sausage filling, so what’s new?

Ladies and Gentleman, Pizza Hut presents to you the Chicken Meatball and the Shrimp Crotons~!


although the other sides or (in this case, mains) they served were good,

my focus were on the balls.

It’s Chicken meatball by the way. 🙂
In as much as the PizzA base is already very filling, sometimes, all we ask for is alittle more meat… Like you know, more protein, esp if it’s late night supper, super hungry but wanna *siAm from all that carbo..

I feel that this introduction of the chicken meatball was really smart 🙂

Made with European herbs, I love how the chicken chunk rolls around so well with the tinge of excitement. *WoOt!

Next comes the Shrimp Crotons… On approach, I was thinking, “oki.. That I can easily find at Yong Dau Hu stalls..” so.. How’s it gonna be?

Truth is, those crunchy bites at the top is the absolute *BONUS*!!
Oki, who amongst my readers don’t like crunch?
no.. We’re not talking abt those dried up or expose-to-air-for-too-long kind of wannabe..

I’m amazed by how that crispiness is enhanced after being baked in the oven~ *tHUmBs UP! to the chef for knowing the temperature n duration.

Out of my expectation, it is actually still moist on the inside~ *WoOt! *Oh.. If only they wld offer it with lemon lime sauce.. *sLuRp*

What’s your topping like? I’m not the super adventurous eater, BBQ Chicken Supreme is my friend, and now with these Big Bites~ I tell you, I’m a Happy Girl.

I heard it’s for a limited time only, so don’t wait~!


With Lots of Love~


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