B&J – A Cookie Affair

Went to get Ben & Jerry from the nearby SPC recently,
2 tubs at $22.40

Bought my usual New York Chunk and tot of trying the new A Cookie Affair, ate a little that night and hand over it to my mom.

Normally, within about 5 to 7mins, my mom would call out to me to send it to the fridge,

but that night, it didnt happen that way. πŸ˜€
About 15mins into it, I shout out from my room, “Mom, are you done?”
She replied, “Why lei?”


I walked over with the cover and then sent it to the fridge. It was about only half left…

I was O_O … I ate at most 1/7 of it… n it is now 1/2 ...

then the next day, in the night, reach home around 11pm+
only 1/7 is left…

so… my mom finish almost 2/3 of it in 2 nights…
not that my mom loves to eat ice-cream.
But I think it has its appeal.

Vanilla Ice Cream as a whole, which is not too sweet, with Chocolate Chip cookie – the normal brown color with black spots kind.
and chocolate chocolate chip – the black color cookie with black spots kind.

so when u scoop, u get the vanilla, the brown cookie, the black cookie
n chocolate swirl as well.
(like u know raspberry ripple ice-cream the kind of swirl)

Aiya, say so much, u go n buy and try. not the lick lick kind. but literally scoop and chew kind.*sHiOk!

Yup, mummy says to buy a tub for her next time. πŸ˜€

Lookie Lookie here~

On the side note,
did u know, theres a Ben and Jerry Graveyard out there? πŸ˜€

Christopher Vu GenkiGenki Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard http://bit.ly/c8VTpQ

Source: http://www.notcot.com

they even make it rhyme O_O

Yes, please eat ice cream in moderation.

Be Bless

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