BK Shots!

Went by to the BK Shots launch the other day~
Its all about the better sex.

Just kidding.

Held at iON, they had pretty ladies and bods parading the place.

My hands were super itchy~ cos its been super long since I last shot models n events. *dROoL…

and of course!
Taking photo of people taking photo! 😀


Stars of the SHow!
Rodeo Beef:


Grilled Onion Beef:


Spicy Chicken:

Burgers that are stuck together! like buddies. 😀
They call it BK Shots.
Was chatting with my friend, the Head of Operations, and I came to know, oh, so they use to have it back then and it was really called Burger Buddies.

I tried the Rodeo Beef Burger, it was not bad.
Its familiar taste to the burgers on their menu. Diff is, its two small buns conjoined together.
I like that idea. 😀 Cos I can psycho my friend to buy the other, split and then we exchange. Double the Flavor! 😀
^^v Smart a~

Because with the King, You Can!



Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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