Got back from a walk with dad.

Saw the partner of a neighbor whom I grew up with sitting at the stairway, in tears quarreling with the neighbor. The little one is just walking around, not knowing whats happening.

Neither do I,
Neither do them.

They’ve been at it since hours ago.

Its so tiring just to hear their voices.

Unplanned Pregnancy.

Had to get married because of the arrival of a new one.
An innocent one.

Would it be better then to have given the child up for adoption and live each own’s separate life?

Already saw one divorce.

It so easy to say to keep the child and want to love the child.
How is the child going to be loved, when the only two that the child can depend on and look up to are not together as one.

Not that its wrong to have different opinions,
Not that its wrong to talk things out.

Why be if it was never in the beginning?

Father, I pray you bring peace to them even right now. Keep the little one safe, protected and love. Bring the family together. Thank You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Be Bless

P/S: Its also so easy for me to just speak.
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