If you are a guy, would you voluntary go for Castration? I dont know man…
I wouldn’t be able to comprehend, cos I’m a girl after all. 😀

Googled for an image on Castration, wah… so scarey…
Anyway, I read on the newspaper recently that there are sex offenders who voluntary goes for Castration…

Castration clearly works In fact, there have been cases where sex offenders themselves have requested castration so they will not re-offend. A well-known case is that of American Greg Grant, who said in 2005 that deviant sexual fantasies had for decades led him to molest more than 200 children and animals.

The Texan was granted his request for surgical castration. He has said that it was the only thing that could have kept him from abusing and possibly killing his next child victim.

In England, a man who had served 17 years in prison asked for castration but was refused. Once out of prison he attempted self castration. Eventually doctors agree to operate on him. After that, he said, he had no sexual drive at all, adding that, in his opinion, the procedure probably saved four or five children.

Poor thing ar.. One have the will to withhold but just not biologically wired up to withhold. Ended up have to go through such desperate measures…

Two ways to it. Chemical castration, which “involves weekly injections of a female hormone called Depo-Provera; the injections must be carried out indefinitely.

In fact, some men continue to be able to have erections, ejaculations and orgasms while on Depo-Provera. Most say it simply makes them not have sexual thoughts at all but some say they can have sex while on the female hormone, especially if they also take Viagra.

Depo-Provera does cause some serious side-effects. In the short term, it leads to weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, lethargy and sweating. Also, the testicles shrink in size. Its main long term-effect is osteoporosis.

But I think the surgical removal one is O_O, outpatient procedure somemore…

The surgical removal of both testicles – a procedure called orchiectomyis actually not major surgery. The testicles can be removed through an incision in the scrotum or in the groin as an outpatient procedure. Silicone testicular prostheses are then popped into the scrotal sac to give it a normal appearance. The penis is left alone, so the individual does not appear maimed.

Anyway, these are just information I extract from the article. If you ever consider castration, please seek professional advice.


*sALuTe (*pun intended)

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2 thoughts on “Castration

  1. j.r.

    I would volunteer to be surgically castrated. I was in an accident and have severe testicles pain it’s hard to take sometimes .

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