Phil Pringle – Leadership Files, Impatience

Many problems you face will come from impatience – shortness of spirit.
Impatience makes you do a thing several times, instead of once slowly.
Impatience makes you miss the wisdom that comes from waiting and thinking before acting.
Impatience makes you lose friends when they frustrate you.

Because of impatience you will lose control of your temper.
Impatience is a short spirit.
If you’re a person with a short fuse people will avoid you.
You will scatter instead of gather.

BUT, James 1:3 declares that the time to exercise patience is exactly when you dont want to – when you’re under pressure.
If you develop patience and become great at waiting and coping and putting up with … everything … you will be “complete and entire, lacking in nothing’ (verse 4)

Go for it. Be a patient person.

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