Din w Sue!

Din Din with @xysg again!!!!!!! 😀

Hur hur~

Was planning to go Food For Thought, but full house, so we crossed over to Standing Sushi Bar.

Previously, we mention that there seems to be a trend that whenever we meet, we’ll end up eating Japanese food. 😀

Oh how true is that. 😀

her order of chef’s selection of Sashimi bowl. *sLuRP! its $35bucks I think…
Oh, their Miso soup, think got wine. and its a little sweet after taste. quite nice. 🙂

Softshell crab. $7. -approve-

my beef. $17. though the quantity is big but I feel its a little pricing. probably $15 would be better ba.
Quite nice. the sauce, the quantity of onion. the quality of beef. -approve-

and their Garlic Fried Rice:

Guess I’m paying for the experience. cos afterall its short-grain rice and raved about.
To me its ordinary, but Yun pointed out that its not like sticky sticky and not like super oily.
I do agree on that. so *sHRugs*

You decide~

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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3 thoughts on “Din w Sue!

  1. xinyun

    hehe… we have jap food blood in veins 😛
    *nom nom nom*

    i agree on the price range, abit steep, good for occasional outings 😛

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