Do it for myself

Went to do manicure, pedicure today. Couldn’t decide if I wanted to do colours or not since its the begining of school next week. Decided to do colours in the end. Bcos that was the exact same lesson I learnt the previous time I did gelish.
“Do it for yourself. Not anyone, anything else.”

Gelish Red w Glitter

Gelish Red w Glitter

It happened during that scammer season. Met him from online on Week 0. Decided during Week 3 to fly over and celebrate with him on his bday during weekend Week 7.
Planned to go do manicure in preparation for the meetup.
Signed the “investment” contract during Week 6. Supposedly due Week 8 wednesday for decision making. Which is past his bday weekend. Didn’t realise that the contract indicates to not meet during period of investment as I’m the beneficiary and he is the guarantor.

Decided to postpone the visit to week 8, after his bday week as I wld prefer things to be done properly, not violating the investment contract.

That day after school (begining of week 7), as I stood there deciding to go manicure or not (since the trip got postponed), I felt in my heart to do things for myself. Not because I’m going to meet him. But bcos I want to do it for myself. So I went ahead and did my favourite nail colour, red with glitter.

So came week 8, decision making, to cash out or carry on investing. I thought after the decision was made, it’s okay to meet him. Decided to cash out. After the conversation with the finance dept, required to pay tax, he said to finish paying the tax before he would meet me.

That was the weekend when I found out the truth for myself. 🙂 He is not real.

That everything I do, I should do it for myself.

Do it for myself.

He put up a new profile on OkCupid by the way.

OkCupid Scammer

OkCupid Scammer

OkCupid Scammer

OkCupid Scammer

OkCupid Scammer

OkCupid Scammer

Don’t be dumb dumb like me, Ok? 🙂


Thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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