Such an infant in dealing with emotions

πŸ˜€ okay, I walk about crush way took often here. πŸ˜€ aiya, its my blog ma. What do you expect right? πŸ˜€

kk, really, I think I’m okay in the department of love, its easy to love someone if you accept the person for who he or she is. (thats just my 2, inexperienced cents)

But that dealing with emotions thing.. oh my good.

and as I’ve said. Love is a two channel thing. They flow to that one destination, and both channel has to be on constant flow in-order for the destination to be fulfilled.
Commitment and Emotions.

I’m slowly getting the idea of commitment, but of cos this entry is not about that. Lets do that Emotions thing.

So, theres this new crush. πŸ˜€ like again.
The last crush I had was say in March? Then it faded in late June. and this one, started in July. Lets see how long that crush will last okay? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

I think its not difficult for me to have a crush on people. All options apply:

1. Tall
2. Capable
3. Smart
4. Serious
5. Relatable

thats it man.


Back then, I will so chase after that guy. it will be explicit expression.
Recently, a new thought came across me.
Oh goodness, if I’m a man, and all these explicit expression. That is so not cool man. and the girl would probably just be frighten away. Like thousands of miles away. πŸ˜€ Ha!
right right, man are not woman, I should not impose woman-handling methods on man-handling methods (okay, all sorts of wrong coming out here). πŸ˜€
but I certainly think man would like woman to be more subtle, instead of going in your face.
Probably more so if the woman is a plus sized. (Don’t tell me its nothing to do with size, its a culture norm, its a society norm, its the influence of media and advertising. Wake Up.)
*shrugs*, so anyway..

I realise that, yar, that guy has fulfilled options 1 and 5.. 3 too.
but you know what, more importantly, it boils down to this.
I lack male presence in my heart…

male presence in my heart.

Its a loneliness and hormones thing.

The guy sure touched my heart. :]

β€œI was lonely and he was available.” – πŸ˜€ so drama.

talking about love, that commitment channel, its accepting, deciding, being and sticking it till the end.
Emotions.. thats the tricky one.

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