Got reminded of my past and how I was during my Polytechnic days.

The glory days that I started NYP Pals. 😀



(This isnt the works during my season, picked it up from online).


So anyway,

I remember I was in Year 1 and there was this project that we had to do with the Year 3 students.

That season was a time when I was out there, flamboyant as a flamingo.


I remember this particular incident when I was helping my classmates to keep the door open.
Standing very close to the door, I kind stretched my hands over my head to keep it open.

That was a season when the manifestation of the flamboyance stamped from the hurt I felt, was recovering from in a defining moment of my life.


and the Year 3 students gave me good. This particular female was going “WAh, you see see, see how she holds the door, got style one k!”. It was flat out teasing. not in a nice way.


As I revisited the events, I remind myself, dont ever tease people,

Because you dont know what they are going through at that moment of their life. 🙂


I am not offended. 🙂 But looking back, this is a good take back.


If you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut.


thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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