iLighted Bokeh

Went by to take some photos of the iLight installations. Not sure why didnt quite catch the feel of it so didnt took much.

This was one of the more interesting one:

These light structures would light up according to the soundtrack and become action figures!

and the surprise take back of that day was these Bokeh photos.

Started off accidentally with:

Then I felt that the Bokeh looks good… perhaps it has something got to do with auto-focus?

so I fooled around. and brought this home!

😀 thats kind of like what I see when I take off my glasses.

and I’ve finally taken a Long Exposure photo of this landscape!


I look forward to more involvement with photos that requires me to interact. Usually that gets me going.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless,

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Amanda is a lifestyle blogger who endeavours to better herself through reflective practises. She is known to be witty and analytical although at times she seems to be talking to herself. Cooking (food and literature) is therapeutic to her, so Indulge in her and perhaps drop her a note or two along the way? ;)

2 thoughts on “iLighted Bokeh

  1. Bern

    Hi, stumpled across your blog while looking for ILight photos. May I know what camera settings you use to take the bokeh effect? And also, what camera lens did you use?

    love the photos of the bokeh effect:)

  2. avnjl Post author

    Which one specifically? 🙂 Its between 1/2.5, 1/5, and 1/10. F3.5, F4 and F5. I’m on my kit lens, 18-55.
    I’m really new to this actually. It was on P mode in-fact. All I did was switch my lens to Manual focus and play around with the focusing ring until I like what I see. I get about 1 out of 2 photos that I’m happy with. A lot is on the composition, framing and colours
    Guess it helps that I have Live View, and in this case the scenary is very colourful. 🙂 Hope it helps, if its not clear, perhaps we can arrange to meet up and I’ll show you? 🙂


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