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Had the chance to literally rest and play with apps on Marilyn and I found 2 interesting Photography Applications. They are good to help draw attention to specific items in the photo.

Remember this photo?

I was saying in the Fashion Runway In The Skies entry that I wanted to do invert selection and play with the color but couldnt because I’ve got no photoshop?
Hey Hey! I got it done~

with Splash of Color!

Source: http://freetheapps.com

Its a “spot” function that allows u to tweak the brush size and doodle away the greyness to bring out the colors. I’m not very skillful, so you can see the top corner of the cake’s greyness flaw.

Think we can see that for photos that need sharpness (see the Runway photo), its not really there. But the example of the other two. Its pretty alright.


Heres another~

Moremono Red Edition
It isolates the red from the rest of the colors. 4 levels of intensity.

Source: http://www.more-thing.com

🙂 Go have fun!

Be Bless

P/S: I totally love the MoreMono Red Edition app poster… So… *WoOT!

Black is Bold.
White is Pure.
Red is Aggressive.

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  1. avnjl

    *thUmbs UP!
    🙂 the first 1 was esp meaningful for me cos it was something that I very much wanted to do~ Sad that the quality is affected though.

    Thanks for coming by babe 😉

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