Irreplaceable cvr on Apps

Got this video from

krisandro krisandro Oh wow…..

wah, didnt know that iPhone can do this as well. o_O

Its actually Beyonce’s Irreplaceable cover using the apps.

wat caught me was her command of language actually.

The video started with her speaking something short and then she press press her 1st iPhone,

then again,

then she went to d 2nd iPhone, said “A sharp” then did a somewhat strumming motion. thats when I realize, O! shes giving instruction!! 😀

k, so it went on.

Then she started singing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable

I was like, O_O WAH! Her english not bad ar, dont see her korean korean. hmm…


Enjoy this video.


then I got curious, went to click her GaGa one.



Indeed, Pronunciation can be learnt.(even if its just for that 1 song)
Even Bernard Shaw came up with Literature about it. Think “My Fair Lady”

But shes good regardless, the talents within, its not everyone that can sing and strum at the same thing.

One thing she can do is to throw her voice when she hits the high notes rather than breathe in. the part that goes “another you in a minute”

Oh ya, no doubt, shes very pretty! 😀


On the side note, this song is actually suppose to be a Country song, then Beyonce came by and co-write it and change it to a Girl Power song. 🙂

talents, talents. 🙂

Be Bless

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