Jap food w Sue

Met up with Sue the other day, to catch up and update each other.
hmm… for me it was for a sad event in my life  :'(

Salmon Mentai!
Its nice, first time I tasted this. Salmon with Prawn Egg? and Mayo layer 😉

Beef Don

After that we went over to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Cos I arrived early, walked past the outlet and was instantly caught by their chocolate powder smell *sHioK!
That got me craving for their Pure Chocolate

yey~ I eat my whip cream first 😀

Their thousand leaf (?) chocolate cake cannot make it… maybe keep in the fridge for too long, so the bottom supposedly “biscuit” layer is…

The blueberry cheese cake she had was so much better~

I love you Sue~ thanks for being in my life~

Be Bless

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