Lunar New Year 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were you squeezing with the crowd at Chinatown?

Not me, I seriously dont like doing that. (The whole idea of squeezing with people irks me…)
But well, passion can drive a person beyond their limits at times 😀
Photography sure did (the above mentioned) to me.

Went up iON Sky to shoot and then continued to Chinatown to shoot the collection below. Was suppose to join the Shutter Journey (Singapore) (SJS) group, but couldnt make it on time due to the iON Sky shoot.

Finally rushed there, came out from God knows which exit (:D) and was in the middle of the crowd.
Spotted Allan (the main man of SJS) but they have already finished the inner-lanes part.
So went to shoot alone:

One of my favorites:

It really was people mountain people sea:

But as usual,
Look harder and you’ll always find treasures along the way:

Don’t be carried away by life’s busyness,
because every moment has its beauty…

Once again,
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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