Marilyn (iPhone)

3rd Time: (14th Apr 2010)

and Marilyn is dead again.

Was on the bus, normal reception.

Was on Safari loading, taking very long, so i exit from it.
Went to Echofon app, loading tweets, very long, sian, exit from it.
Went to Twittericffic app, 1st screen that shows the blue bird. taking its time to load as well. sian, dont wanna wait, exit from app.
Keep phone into handbag.

Takes phone out of handbag.
Press the button, screen blank.
Press the switch off button, screen still blank.


2nd Time:Β  (16th Mar 2010)

But guess what… Dayrius is dead now…
First the screen fades out to really low light,
then the batt went flat, and after charging for 1 hour, nothing comes on.

Got a 3rd iPhone, gonna name it Marilyn again. I still like the name.

1st Time:

Marilyn was 100% at 11pm, but by 2pm the next day, shes flat out, so delivered her to Comms Centre and got a new one. So its not Marilyn now…

Its Dayrius~


Getting a Battery Pad soon, so new look, feels as though carrying a mini-laptop πŸ˜€


Amanda gets her iPhone too,

Its been a couple of days actually, got it on the 18th, but totally no time to fiddle with it till the 21st.

Its really a love hate relationship, read on ba.

It started when I was using Sony Ericsson W580i

Seriously, the keypad is beyond words, the navigation buttons too. Got so much dead skin on my thumbs bcos of using it, *as in the skin hardens.

But I was happy with the mp3 function and the user-friendliness.

The itch started after the 1st year, the 1st keypad started to wear and split into 2 literally.

So had it set in the mind, I want to get Qwerty, Touch screen maybe.

Thats when my eyes landed on…


It was like WOH! back then. Drools.

It was called “Singtel Dream”
and I really had a dream of Singtel, the red red shop. Woke up and realize I had a “Singtel Dream”
ya, it was that dreamy.

Couldnt affort the phone cos I’m maintaining the house. Such a sick feeling, such a pain in the heart.

Then there was one day when I got back to school. Then my brother told me:

“Hey I got a new phone! HTC Dream.”


The moment I heard it I almost cried. The feeling of Unfairness was so strong. Even blogged an entry about it… πŸ˜€

From then on, I told myself. Forget about HTC Dream. Since my brother has it, I dont want it anymore! πŸ˜€ *do u know what I’m talking about?

So, cast it off my mind.

Then came the time when iPhone hits the shore. WAH, all the big hoohar.
Obvious I still didnt have the money to get the phone. So didnt think much about it. By then my Sony Ericsson’s screen is already flickering…

So I switch to another temporary phone. Samsung SGH Z370

This one, cant exactly play mp3 the one Sony Ericsson do, but still oki la, can play mp3 for ringtone and alarm. My chosen MP3s.The camera was 2mbps Like for emergency use kind. πŸ˜€

That was in September when I first started using the Samsung.

Slowly re-lived the thoughts to get a Qwerty and Touchscreen.

So I told myself, if I must get one, I must get the best. πŸ˜€ *Yup, I was bias, I like Mac stuff. πŸ™‚ my iBook G4 still running fine after almost 4 years with me, almost 3 years with the previous owner. My iBook G4 is at least 7years already and its still running fine.

Think that was how it is, everyone is just blinded by iPhone, completely not bothered and casted aside all that the other phones can offer. Not including Blackberry of course.

Then came December, my contract drawing to a close.
I was very happy, cos yeH! December, year end, higher chance of having “sale”
Then YEH! Starhub and M1 also coming out with iPhone, YEH! greater competition, more benefits for consumer. They have Port-in discount too!

Having had enough with the questionable reception with the green company, I decided to switch to the red side.

So really I would say, come, come, join in the iPhone/Blackberry crowd. Let them Monopolize the market.
then all the other brands have to work even harder, advance their technology and bring down their price just so that they can get the market share.
Who wins in the end? WE do. πŸ˜€ MuAHhahahahAHAhA

So, back to iPhone review~

Its quite in between.
I love the able to surf online on the go *which many other phones will be able to support. BUT probably none as sleek as iPhone.

I like their message interface, the exchange are in speech bubbles,
and they are nicely categorize according to the person.

As u would have known by now, they have TONS of applications for u to choose, download and play with.

and because of the huge capacity, Lots of people watch movie on their iPhone on the go.

now comes the darker side of iPhone.

The battery life is horrible…
The internal, individual battery itself is not very good for heavy users. I am serious. Dont try it.
So if you are the kind that wants to listen to mp3 on the go through ur iPhone, wants to surf the web, and talks on the phone daily for more than 5hours.
πŸ™‚ Its a daily affair to charge.

iPhone 1 day at 1charge, My Sony Ericsson last me at least 2 days at 1 charge. Samsung, 3 days at 1 charge…

Oh well, theres tons of iPhone Battery Pack going around, so hopefully that will encourage Apple to come up with an even better technology.

It only allows Bluetooth exchange between iPhones…
So nope, cannot exchange, transfer or link up to another another brands. No Nokia, no Samsung, no Sony Ericsson
*Big Slap on Forehead…

It recognizes the iTunes that you sychronize with. Meaning you synchronize with Computer A, It shall be Computer A only, if not, u try synchronizing it to Computer B, EVERYTHING,Β  and I meant EVERYTHING, from Computer A will be gone. NO MORE. A BIG fat zero.

It only accepts downloaded/paid-for Ringtone. *about to fall off the chair when I realize that.
So its the common, everyone have ringtone thats pre-installed in the iPhone…

Whatever happen to customization!!

I paid so much for my iPhone and you are doing this to me! Imagine for those who already paid for the songs that they are listening to and now they have to pay additional for the 30secs…

So ringtone = uncustomized, sms tone = uncustomized. Alarm tone = uncustomized.
I miss my previous phones…

Oh nevermind, it shall be on vibration mode. *the vibration period is also really short though.

oki, its gonna be a 2years affair, shall make do with what I have. One fine day, I shall pay to get a good ringtone ba. πŸ˜€

and I decided to name it Marilyn! πŸ™‚ Its black, but chose a red cover with my brother. πŸ™‚ it looks great. Real Sleek and Chic


Shall make the best out of what I have! πŸ™‚

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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2 thoughts on “Marilyn (iPhone)

  1. JeFF

    The ringtone is free you can cut any part of your mp3 without downloading with iTunes, alarm you just need to download software to your iPhone to customize the tone/sound. To me the worst part is the batt life, the easy scratchable casing and if you need nice freeware u need jailbreak the phone other then that it’s a nice phone. Cheer !! πŸ™‚

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