Updated the post 🙂

As expected, tons of photos tts gonna take time to load, so I put it up as a page, click on the tab above~ or click here

Its Boxing day and I’m at Orchard shooting lights. 😀

Was telling myself, went overseas to take photos, but our own local *famous* Orchard Road Christmas lights didnt take…

One thing I learnt from the trip, always go ahead with the plan despite the weather, we never know… we never know.

Expecting to leave house at 3.30pm, 2pm it started rainning in the north, Orchard is central. Checked weather forecast, expecting to have thunderstorm.
Called the friend to cancel, he said he will still go down.

Went to nap, woke up, tot maybe I can take shots in the shade.
Went, sms friend, but friend not going le. 😀
Arrived, it didnt rain~ 😀

took plenty of pics of this effect, so watch out for this space~
(its close to 3am now, dont mind me.)

Be Bless

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