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🙂 Went out to do a Runwayshoot. Just had to experience it since it was dangling in my face and I’ve got invitation. 😀

Its was an interesting experience i would say. like @GenkiGenki said, “dont worry about the technical stuff, just enjoy urself.

and @inrsoul said abt keeping the other eye open, that was very valuable, cos while I was trying to shoot this model, another model marched right out. WOH!
My head was swinging left and right the whole time (almost) 😀

Was just looking at some other photographer’s album… -_-”
I am so entry level. -_-; *dig a hole and hide

but nvm, I had an interesting time and everyone starts somewhere. 🙂
so heres to share.

Above: I love this shot, 😀 Its called “I Dont Wanna Go To School!” *PoUt!
*Pls pardon the off-focus 😀

Above: This, I called it “In Your Face” *not the model, but the light.

Above: So child-like yet so sexy 🙂

“Hi There~”

They say models should look good at all angles. Heres the sides. You decide. 🙂

Dresscode: Urban Chic.
*not bad…

Met Dale and City News Photographer Peter.

Our very hardworking host Wendy

The day started with the glaring skies

Thats the time when it hit the 2nd or 3rd round of the show.

They were singing “Lady GaGa – Poker Face” and the group of audience (below) echoed back!

Above: I wanted to do invert selection on the photo above, monochrome everything else, leaving the model’s color on. But well… aint got no Photoshop software…


I had fun

Click here to see album

Be Bless

P/S: Haiti

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