Been to KL and back!
Think most of us would have known by now that the KTM train services from Tanjong Pagar would cease services from the 25th June Weekend on?
So, lucky me!

but anyway,

it was a very satisfying train ride, understood how a train-ride is like. 😀

Guess its an old train?

You get…

Air-con that isnt cold most of the time.
Doors that doesnt close and you’ll hear the metal planks cranking all the time.
Bars thats not lubricate that “clank” against its holder and it feels like jet plane flying above your head the whole time.

Think I’m a light sleeper, thats why I could at most get 20mins of nap almost every hour. 😀

but beyond that, I got some photos thats well-worth the hassle.
Cos afterall, when will I capture such shots again right? 🙂



Watch out for more upcoming post on this KL trip 😉


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless,

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