Went to Spageddies the other day with a Foodie – @calvintimo. 😀
Not alot of food, just a little photo taking and chatting. 🙂

their platter was oki,

Softshell crab?

Softshell crab.

“Primo Combo
A triple treat of calamari, mozzarella and soft shell crab served with homemade tartar and neapolitan sauce for dipping”

But their cheese stick was nice

his, very healthy 🙂

“Grilled Chicken Primavera
Tossed with wood-grilled sliced chicken, broccoli, peas, mushrooms & carrrots in garlic & olive oil with hint of chilli flakes.”

I like mine:

One side is

and the other side is

“Combo Manicotti & Cannelloni
Twin pasta with herb-cheese filling topped with tomato sauce, plump chicked-filled pasta topped with alfredo sauce and cheese.”

had tiramisu for dessert, it was oki…

probably too much coffee at the bottom ba…

Finger sponge layered with mascarpone & zabaglione flavoured with espresso & kahlua.”

Probably its just me and my taste bud, give them a chance. 🙂

It was nice view from where I was sitting 🙂 Somerset 313


Be Bless

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